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5 Things That Will Disqualify You from Working at Wix

5 Things That Will Disqualify You from Working at Wix

Life behind the scenes of the Wix website builder can be a wild ride. We’ve been told it takes a special kind of person to spend their days obsessing about how to help people create the easiest and most beautiful online presence that they can.

With so many passionate people working here at Wix, it really got us thinking… when push comes to shove, what makes someone the right fit to work here?

Wonder if you’d make the cut? Here’s what you should probably know before applying for a job at Wix:

5 Things That Will Disqualify You from Working at Wix

We’re An Eclectic Bunch

We’ll just put this out in the open: some of the people who work here are a little “out there.” And you know what? We like it like that! An eclectic workforce makes not only for interesting co-workers, but encourages creativity in the workplace.

Your Takeaway: Coming in for an interview? While you’re preparing for the meeting, don’t forget: the important thing you can bring along with you is YOURSELF! We know that job interviewing can be nerve-wracking, but above all else try and be yourself. After all, if you get the job, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your new colleagues, so try and show your true colors so that HR and any potential team leaders can get a good idea of your personality and determine if it will mesh well with others on the team.

We’re An Eclectic Bunch

Passion Projects Aren’t Just for After Hours

There’s more to life than the 9 – 5, and no one knows it better than Wix employees. Many Wix employees do some pretty incredible things when they leave the office, and when we’re lucky, they even share them with us!

Your Takeaway: Newsflash! There’s more to you than what you do behind your work desk! Not only do passion projects make life more interesting, they may just end up being an asset to your new job. At Wix, we often use our coworker’s hidden talents for modeling & photography in our own Wix pages, or during events like our annual battle of the bands.

Passion Projects Aren’t Just for After Hours

We’re Not Afraid to Make Mistakes

At Wix, we’re not about being perfect. As our CMO likes to remind us on a daily basis, avoiding mistakes costs more than making them! We’re big on experimentation here, so if you’re the risk-taking type, you might just fit right in.

Your Takeaway: During your interview, despite your natural inclinations, sometimes it’s best not to come off as Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. Afterall, learning from mistakes and not being afraid of a little workplace experimentation could be a huge asset to the company you’re interviewing for. Here at Wix, we’re big believers in learning from mistakes and using them to our advantage to break the mold.

We’re Not Big on Being Loners

Whether mingling at our weekly happy hour, taking a breather on our beachfront rooftop, or at one of our big quarterly parties, we like to get pretty friendly when we take a break from behind our computer screens. When your job revolves around changing the web as we know it, you put a lot of trust in your co-workers to take you to new heights, so we’re big on celebrating the accomplishments that we’ve created together!

Your Takeaway: Working at Wix means that you’re about to be part of an amazing team of people. If you’re more of a lone wolf who doesn’t do well working with others, this might not be the ideal workplace for you. On the contrary, if you’ve done great things working as part of a team before, don’t be afraid to gush about it during your interview.

We’re Not Big on Being Loners

We Love Our Four-Legged Friends

When you ask some people around here who their favorite coworker is, don’t be surprised if their answer is Jacko, Pipo, Spiffy or Spot. At Wix, we’ve got an open [dog] door policy, where nearly every department has its own top dog or two.

Your Takeaway: If you’re deathly afraid of dogs, this might not be the ideal work environment for you.

Wix Dogs

Think you’ll make a great addition to the Wix team? Check out our jobs page for listings in our offices worldwide! And follow us on Linkedin to keep up to date with new job postings!

By The Wix Team

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