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Designers heart Wix!

Wix makes it easy for any person to create websites – no design skills needed! But even experienced web designers can use our web publishing platform as a working tool. In fact, Wix can help web designers acquire new business and satisfy their clients in a speedy and professional manner.

Web designers cater to a diverse clientele and work under intense time constraints. In these circumstances, an online website editor can be a terrific solution for many web design projects.

Wix for Web Designers

Here are some great reasons to add Wix to your web design toolkit:

Ease of Use

We don’t usually flaunt it, but our secret weapon is that we have the best programmers in the world working towards one mission – making website building as easy as possible. Wix’ drag-and-drop editor offers numerous customization options that grant the designer maximum artistic freedom. A huge variety of apps, images and widgets that enhance the user experience are available at a click of a button. We have hundreds of high-quality designed templates that make the work process quicker and neater, but Wix also offers blank templates for those of you who prefer a clean slate.

No Coding Necessary

A huge challenge for freelance web designers is having to depend on developers to code their designs. Even when the workflow is completely harmonious (which is rarely the case), involving another contractor simply means spending more time and money on your projects. Wix helps designers who don’t have the luxury of working with developers. You will not have to touch a single line of code. If you do wish to add customized coded elements, you can easily embed those using the HTML app.

Web designers using Wix

Client’s Involvement Is in Your Hands

Since Wix can be used by professional designers and by average Joes as well, you can choose the extent to which your client is involved in the process. In the early work stages, clients can log in and add comments directly inside the editor, thus saving time and minimizing misunderstandings in the communication. After the site has been officially launched, you can decide whether you prefer to make maintenance work on your own, or simply let the clients edit their sites themselves. Unlike software such as Photoshop or Illustrator, your clients will be able to intuitively understand Wix and contribute to the process – all to the degree that you feel comfortable with, of course.

Business Opportunities

For web designers, Wix is not only a working platform. Wix can help you reach out to more clients and to earn extra income along the way. For one, web designers can join the Wix Arena – a directory for professional web designers. The Arena promotes Wix Pro Designers to people who prefer working with a professional on their Wix website. Here’s how you can join and expose your portfolio to millions of Wix users.

Another great opportunity for pros is the Wix Reseller program, which allows designers to earn revenue from premium websites they created with Wix. The advantage of the Reseller program is that you receive payment from your clients and also cash the extra revenue as commission from Wix. Interested? Email us at

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