Wix Playground Academy’s Top Graduates 2019 / 2020

We are proud to introduce you to a select few of our very talented and promising Wix Playground Academy graduates from the class of 2020.

  • Defne Kaynak

    Creates a sense of intrigue and playfulness with the shapes on her homepage. While there is a sense of design restraint on the homepage, it is juxtaposed with the wow factor delivered on the project pages. While having the homepage more experimental, Defne chose to keep her inner pages more straightforward to showcase her work more directly. 

  • jin.png

    Jin Xia

    Jin Xia made her illustrations the focus of her portfolio and really made them come to life with her use of subtle animations. While having more breathing room between projects, she added a hover effect on images to reveal detailed shots of the illustrations. She even included a page called “sketchbook” to highlight her personal projects. 

  • Tiffany Cruz

    Tiffany Cruz takes you through an interactive game within her gridded site. It plays with the idea of fortunes and tarot cards. Being able to flip through the cards on the homepage, they give you a peek into her current and past projects. 

  • Audrea Wah

    Audrea Wah was inspired by early computer GUI. She created a 3D animated ball that rotates between her name, her projects and her inspirations. As you scroll through her site, you are approached with wireframes of her current and past projects. 

  • Lynda Zhou

    Lynda Zhou worked thoroughly on her first fold, creating something that looks so elegant and simple, yet involved deep consideration for her breakpoints and typography. Including small icons that are animated, she adds a playful element to her site. 

  • Rajlaxmi Jain

    Rajlaxmi Jain receives inspiration from daydreaming. She created a system to sort through projects whether they’re UX/UI, Editorial or Production. While you browse through her projects, you see glimpses of the images on hover.

  • Bhroovi Gupta

    Bhroovi Gupta, A.K.A Bhroovy Groovy exhibits her personality through color and that is prevalent in the site. To build on the concept of color, projects divided into blue, yellow and pink organize the beautiful gradient effect.

  • Ylimay Zavala

    Ylimay Zavala was inspired by the Care Bears to create this beautiful and elegant rainbow portfolio site. When you hover over the different projects, the site colors change from red to plum to yellow. 

  • Sophie Westfall

    Sophie Westfall is a digital designer whose minimalistic and clean style draws you into her  beautiful portrayal of mockups and design. Her organized projects sit in softly laid out grids as a butterfly follows you along the bottom, left corner of the page. When arriving at her ‘about’ page, you are greeted by two more butterflies that flutter their wings created with a transparent video effect.

  • Iman Diarra

    Iman Diarra’s goal for her personal portfolio was to be ethereal and elegant. She achieved these stylistic goals with clean menus that have friendly one-liners when the user hovers over, introducing you to each project thoughtfully, and with the addition of an outstretched arm on the ‘about’ page. She adds personality in the footers with phrases such as “Let’s Make Magic” and “Say Bonjour.”

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