Take a Portfolio        Retreat

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The Wix Playground Academy is a 5-week intensive online program for new designers looking for the perfect reason to focus on developing their creative identity and building a stand out personal brand. 


Upcoming summer cohort


June 2023

Upcoming summer cohort


August - September, 2023


Stay tuned for new courses and programs

Through experiential learning held by practicing designers you’ll get a chance to work on your digital portfolio, meet other young designers and grow professionally and personally. The program is fully funded and runs 3 times a year. If you’re up for the challenge, send us your portfolio for review

Develop your creative identity

  • Create and curate a personal portfolio to set you apart

  • Be mentored by industry leaders & Wix designers

  • Participate in workshops led by the biggest names in the industry 

  • Network in a community of creatives like you

  • Enjoy collaboration opportunities


Expand your skill set

  •  Advanced web design

  •  Editor X and responsive design

  •  Code for designers

  •  Visual design

  •  Inspiration research

  •  Animation