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Wix Playground Presents:

It’s Nice That

Data, Narrative and Design

How can data and design be combined to create powerful narratives? Designers are increasingly giving data a human touch by using reams of information as raw material for visualizing beautiful projects and telling meaningful stories. Meet the creatives who use archives and statistics as their paintbrush and canvas to help us better understand the world around us. As data becomes a currency in its own right, you’ll learn how designers are integrating patterns and spreadsheets into our daily lives in an unexpected way. 

Feb 27, 6:30 PM

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Mona Chalabi:

Data Journalist

Mona Chalabi first fell in love with numbers after analyzing data for the United Nations. Since then, her goal is to make sure people can find and question the data they need to make informed decisions. Currently, Mona is the Data Editor of The Guardian, where she is widely known for her intricate articles, documentaries, and data animation. 

Laura Kurgan: Architect & Professor

Laura Kurgan is a professor of architecture at Columbia University, where she currently directs the Center for Spatial Research as well as the visual studies curriculum. Her work has received international recognition for exploring the ethics and politics of digital mapping, and the science behind data visualization.

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Barron Webster:

Graphic & Interaction Designer

NYC-based designer currently focusing on new types of computing at Google's Creative Lab and teaching interaction design at New York’s School of Visual Arts. Amongst the things he has a passion for are accessibility, infrastructure, creative tools, and cats. He is constantly working through the delicate balance between unnecessary complexity and over-simplification.

Tal Midyan:

Creative Director & Designer

With a passion for the colliding worlds of music culture, design and technology, Tal Midyan focuses on bringing new ideas to existing mediums through interactive design, branding and film. Currently working as the Associate Creative Director for Spotify, his experience in visual communications stems from previous work done with brands like Nike and Google, as well as with music artists such as Pharrell, Travis Scott and Bon Iver.


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