Wix Playground Presents:

Design Your Portfolio Website Workshop

Join us for a professional workshop where two
Wix designers will guide you through the intricacies of
creating a portfolio website. We’ll go over best practices for building a portfolio website and share tips and tricks when working with the Wix Editor.

December 10, 2020  |  Online Event   

This Workshop Will Be Hosted By:

Vuong Tong

has been leading Wix’s web design program, Wix Playground Academy, for the past 3 years. After graduating from the University
of the Arts in Graphic Design, Vuong worked at a design firm that developed branding and created interactive experiences for clients nationwide. He then went on to pursue a degree in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins in London.

Yotam Kellner

is the Lead Mentor for the Wix Playground Academy program. For the past 5 years he worked as a web designer in the Wix Studio. He’s presented dozens of Wix Editor demos and design talks in the US, Brazil, Lithuania and Israel. Previously, he was co-owner of Soul-Royale.com, a motion design studio in Tel Aviv.

Design Your Portfolio Website

Online Event

December 10, 2020 

Via Zoom

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