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Interactive Letterforms

by Talia Cotton

This workshop will start with an intro to the uses (pros) and cautions (cons) of generative branding. The coding demo will cover a the primary javascript functions required for generative design, and offer a few more advanced methods for those who are interested. You’ll then break up into smaller groups to make their your own generative logo from start-to-finish. 

Mask group (58).png
Mask group (53).png

Talia Cotton

Talia Cotton is a designer, coder, and educator and a leading specialist in the intersection of branding and technology. She advocates the meaningful and strategic application of technology as a method for better and more authentic design.Talia currently leads the design and development of algorithmic and data-driven brand identities and websites at Pentagram with Michael Bierut and Giorgia Lupi. Talia teaches Advanced Coding & Interaction Design at Parsons School of Design.

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