‘Design Matters’ Podcast: Inspiration for Your Ears

The award winning podcast is returning to another insightful and Inspirational season


March 13, 2018

“We can talk about making a difference, we can make a difference, or we can do both”, says Debbie Millman, creator of the award-winning podcast Design Matters. This couldn’t be more accurate, especially coming from a character with such an extensive background in all things art and design. From exhibiting at museums around the globe, to working with some of the world’s largest brands and designing for renowned companies, Debbie Millman is definitely a woman that stands behind her words. Oh, and did we mention that with 14 consecutive years, Design Matters is actually the first and longest running podcast about design… ever? That’s one of the (numerous) reasons why we’re absolutely thrilled that Wix is sponsoring the show’s current season.

Offering in-depth insights into contemporary thought and culture, the podcast is a fantastic source of inspiration for designers. Throughout the years, Debbie Millman has interviewed an array of luminaries from different fields: illustrators, novelists, activists, performance artists and more. Join her in exploring the innermost corners of the creators’ minds, listen to stories of love and pain, and discover the experiences they’ve gone through that have sparked creation. The conversations are sure to get your brain (and heart) working, inviting you to ask yourself questions about your own creative process and motivations.

Tune in to the latest podcast, to discover philanthropist Sukey Novogratz’s path, from the life-changing trauma that first motivated her to meditate, to initiating important advocacy work with the Joyful Heart Foundation >>

Inspirational podcast, and an even more inspirational host – what more do you need? Well, a beautiful setting couldn’t do any harm. Debbie Millman has just that. The Design Matters website, built on Wix, is proof that even a rich site, filled with content, can be easy to navigate. With five million downloads per year and hundreds of interviews online, an intuitive user experience is essential. You can browse by diverse categories, as well as scrolling through the aesthetic grid layout. Let’s not forget to mention the website’s finishing touch: a background with smoothly transforming colors. We couldn’t think of a better way of sharing the podcast with the world. It truly is a pleasure for the eyes, ears and mind.

Check out Design Matters’ Wix website >> www.designmattersmedia.com.

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