I would rather catch my parents making love than watch another Wix ad

         John Levi  |          43 Likes

We get it. It seems like you’d rather do just about anything than watch another Wix ad.
On the bright side, your feedback really got us thinking.   

I would rather eat a hot dog with chopsticks than watch another Wix ad

         Lucas Cervatti  |         24 Likes

What an innovative way to eat a hot dog! If you pull that off, you should consider setting up classes through Wix Bookings to teach future generations how to become a chopsticks pro—just like you. 

I’m so tired of watching Wix ads, I’d rather clean my whole house with a toothbrush

         Andrew Lee  |         42 Likes

Stop right there. That’s actually a great idea for a new product—the first multipurpose toothbrush! We think you should start selling it online and get rid of bad breath and dirty bachelor pads once and for all.

I would rather kiss a chimpanzee

than watch another Wix Ad 

         Emily Davis  |         42 Likes

An ancient tale says that a kiss from a chimpanzee can cure everything.  

Make sure to get a close up shot of that kiss—it’ll be the perfect touch to your email campaign next Valentine’s Day.

I would rather climb Mount Everest  in flippers than sit through another Wix Ad  

         Alex Trenton |         55 Likes

In flippers? That sounds like a bold idea! If you make it to the summit with both flippers on, we’d love to read about your adventure. Any chance you could start a Wix Blog?

I'd rather get something useful out of this website

We couldn’t agree more!

Keep inspiring us with your dazzling ideas and create your own one of a kind website. 

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