On the rise: Seren Le

Design student Seren Le speaks about her creative process, creative challenges and the fallacy of comparison.


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March 15, 2022

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What you’re currently working on?

I’m working on this project that combines 3D modelling and augmented reality to express a sense of wonder and magic and explore the endless possibility of technology.

Your favorite project (professional/personal)?

The “Mirror Mirror” sticker pack. Mirror stickers that emit positive energy and remind you that you are beautiful!

Tell us about who you are

Hi! My name is Seren. I’m 21 years old. I’m currently a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Illustration.

What are the (design or general) topics you’re most passionate about?

I’m always fascinated with how a creative outlook plays a vital role in life. I love to explore and learn about all aspects of design but I think my biggest strength is in branding and packaging.

Tell us about a project that got you excited

I’m working on my thesis project right now which involves 3d modelling and augmented reality. With this new medium I can envision old fashioned objects in totally different textures, scales, and formats. My goal is to surround audiences with interactive experiences and invite them to explore layers of my work. I want them to think about all the time, space, technology and endless possibilities all around us. I aim to make this a very fun and exciting experience for everyone.

Tell us about a collaborative project you worked on

I worked collaboratively with my clients on an event branding called “Breakthrough.” They told me their idea about a futuristic year-end party and I came up with a few concepts and got feedback from them. Together, we decided on the final concept and we were happy with the final outcome.

How was (or is) your first year after school?

I’m still in school.

What's the best advice you've received (and from whom)?

I have received so much great advice. The most recent is from my illustration teacher Lisa Perrin: “Don’t compare yourself to random people online.” I think this is a good one because I often go online looking at others' works for inspiration and then start to feel like my art is crap in comparison.

What do you look for in your first job?

I’m looking for a great working environment where I’m inspired and encouraged to reach my full potential.

With which projects did you fill your portfolio? What was your selection process?

I choose projects that represent me. I want my style and personality to show through my works and I want clients to see that when they look at my portfolio.

What are you working (personal or professional) on now?

I’m working on my thesis project and researching the job market.

What do you find most useful in your projects?

Researching and sketching are the most important parts of my process. I usually spend around 6 hours just to build a mood board. It’s my foundation for all the next steps so it’s very important.

Book recommendation: what book had the biggest impact on you, and why?

I love “​​Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes. It is a gripping and emotional story.

What was your key takeaway from participating at the Wix Playground Academy program?

Utilize those resources. Learn and absorb as much as you can!

In which design field would you want to focus on in your future?

I haven’t thought of a design field I would want to focus on. I want to try everything and I welcome all the opportunities that lie ahead.

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