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Meet: Dana Barkay


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November 17, 2021

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Get to know the Israeli Wix Playground Academy TLV 2021 alum who believes in trusting the process, and that every step is equally important.

Tell us about who you are: name, age, location, and current professional status

I'm Dana Barkay, 27 years old, based in Israel. I have a bachelor’s degree in design from the department of Visual Communication at the Holon Institute of Technology. I was working at Hu.be studio but began working at Wix in October.

What are the (design or general) topics you’re most passionate about?

My main specialization and occupation is in font design and lettering, branding, and print media design.‏

Tell us about a project that got you excited.

The project that got me excited is a custom font design called KRE8.TV. The font supports Hebrew and English languages ​​and is designed in two weights — regular and bold.

Tell us about a collaborative project you worked on.

The Gofont is a collaborative project I worked on with Arin Assaraf — a continuous project designing new display fonts, primarily in Hebrew.

How was (or is) your first year after school?

After graduation I still wanted to continue learning, creating, and evolving. So, I took projects as a freelancer while working in the studio, initiated new projects, and took the Wix Playground Academy course.

What's the best advice you've received (and from whom)?

The best advice in general is: don’t forget to save. Save and back up your projects. This may sound obvious but there is nothing worse than losing the project and the progress you have been working on for hours or days. So, don’t forget to save!

What do you look for in a first job?

I will not have a first job again, but I think it’s important to find a workplace where you can express yourself and your abilities in the best way, and a place where you can grow and learn.

With which projects did you fill your portfolio? What was your selection process?

I first made a list of all my projects with representative photos from each project. After going through everything, I chose to include projects that I am proud of, and I would like to do more of them.

What are you working (personal or professional) on now?

I am currently working on a new font in Hebrew called “Shup.” The font includes all the Hebrew letters, numbers and symbols, alternative wide letters, and punctuation that exists in the Hebrew language.

What do you find most useful in your projects (research, visuals, softwares, etc.)?

I don’t think there’s one thing that’s most useful. Every project is a process, and that includes research for visual references, and in the design and production stages there is, of course, the relevant software for that project. Sometimes the process is long and sometimes it’s short, but all the steps are important.

Book recommendation: what book had the biggest impact on you, and why?

Papier Machine: A Book of Six Interactive Electronic Paper Toys by Marion Pinaffo and Raphael Pluvinage. I got this book in a Wix Playground Academy course and it just blew my mind! The thought behind it, and ability to do different and amazing things with paper.

Where do you look for inspiration (online, print media, music, movies, etc.)?

I mostly find inspiration in print media, online, and outside on the street, on signs, on the walls. When something catches my eye I just take a picture and save it.

Tell us about a challenge you’ve faced creatively, and what helped you overcome it.

When there is some kind of challenge or creative barrier, I try to change my attitude towards the project, and try to look for solutions in different places and areas. Or sometimes, it helps me to just take a break and clear my head.

What was your key takeaway from participating in the Wix Playground Academy program?

Just trust the process and know that even if sometimes the path is not simple, when you invest and persevere, in the end, it is worth it.

In which design field would you want to focus on in your future?

Design is such a broad field, I would be happy to continue learning from its various worlds, and at the same time, continue to engage in typography and font design.

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