After going on and on about WixFest 2017, the event finally took place and we’re thrilled to share the amazing experience.

On July 30th, 450 excited guests from the local design community gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts for an evening of creativity and insight. We started with drinks and a heat press vinyl workshop, then moved into the auditorium for our two lectures.

First up was our own Orly Kiryati, who talked about how you can – and should – maximize every project with your own unique personality. Then it was time for our special guest from London, Mr. Bingo, who left the crowd inspired and full of laughter. It was a real pleasure to host everyone, and now the only thing left to do is share the pictures with you. Enjoy!

Our Welcoming Team! | Noa Rotstein, Or Shealtiel, Noa Ron & Yonatan Bunimovitz
Production Crew: Doron Zin, Ella Mozcovitz, Shelly Peleg, Orly Kiryati & Eden Platoni
The stage is ready for action
Excited! | Hagit Kaufman – VP Design, Orly Kiryati – Design Dev team leader, and Nir Zohar – Wix’s President & COO
Mr. Bingo having fun with a bunch of fruits
We prepared examples of shirts and bags for inspiration | The heat press vinyl workshop
Our ironing ladies | Hadas Getter, Noe Shpigelman & Shelly Genosar
The crowd is here
Planning and cutting | The heat press vinyl workshop
At your service | Shelly Genosar
The heat press vinyl workshop is busy
It’s time for some listening | The talking part of the evening begins
Speak Up! | Orly Kiryati, Design Dev team leader begins her talk
Yup, that’s Heidi Klum in the back | Orly Kiryati giving her talk
There he is, our special guest all the way from London – Mr. Bingo!
Mr. Bingo had the crowd laughing hard
Doodling a personalized illustration for each one who bought his book
Happy costumers | See you next year!