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Mentor Spotlight with Guy Banaim

Designer and mentor Guy Banaim shares his influences, advice, and inspirations

Your name and team you belong to.

Guy Banaim, Wix team at the marketing studio.

Tell us about your work. What is your current position?

In my current position as designer and mentor on the Wix team at the marketing studio, we tackle various design tasks; from web design to creative campaigns and Expanding the Wix brand identity. Recently I started mentoring my team and supporting them through their creative process.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work in the morning?

I turn on the music so there’s a good atmosphere for creativity.

What do you think is the most underrated characteristic in a good designer?

Being chaotic as a designer allows one’s design process to explore all avenues. Order is overrated and sometimes you need to think more messy and allow your thoughts to go all over the place in order to achieve real creativity.

What do you do when you feel stuck or frustrated in your creative process?

When I feel stuck creatively I like to talk it out with other designers I appreciate. Sometimes a conversation with a friend and a fresh look gives me a new perspective. Brainstorming with another person sheds new light on a project.

Share something that inspires you that has nothing to do with design? 

People and cultures. The people I surround myself with have an empathy for the world around them, whether that’s expressed through a different way of living or an out-of-the-box point of view. I have a particular fascination with Tel Aviv nightlife and the queer culture which is unique to this place and all of its complexities.

Which design trend / theme / persona are you obsessed with recently? And/or which are you sick of?

I’m not sure this fits as a trend in and of itself but I have an obsession with the material silver metal/ chrome at the moment and whether I see a piece of furniture, a photo or graphics that are made of/include metal I am immediately drawn to them. Particularly when they are contrasted with more warmer materials such as wood. I find the contrast very attractive.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on the way you think about design?

My childhood home was very eclectic, filled with sculptures, art and many colors. As a child it was a visually stimulating environment and this gave me an early understanding of visuals and a real sensitivity to them. Even though it was not her main profession, my mother’s creative outlet was indeed to sculpt, make art, draw and refurbish existing furniture in our home.

What would you do if you weren’t a designer?

Analog photography embodies one of my greatest passions, serving as the ultimate medium for expressing myself. It's a significant part of who I am and my creative journey. Peering through the lens, I'm not merely capturing images; I'm sculpting new narratives infused with my unique aesthetics. I take pleasure in challenging conventional perspectives, inviting viewers to reconsider everyday moments through my lens. My focal point often revolves around capturing the essence of the world around me, presenting familiar scenes in fresh and diverse ways.

Thank you Guy!



May 15, 2024

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