Hello and welcome to the first edition of Designed for Listening, the music section of High on Design. My name is Shai Samana, a graphic designer in the templates team and a music lover for the past 28 years. I noticed that most designers I know are highly specific and picky when it comes to the music they listen to. I wondered why this happens, and realised that as designers, our attraction to aesthetics easily carries forward from visual to audio.

I believe the symbiosis between an album and its cover is a powerful example of the relationship between music and design. Designed for Listening deals with that symbiosis – but from a different point of view. Instead of designing for the music – we’re here to create music for the design process. Each edition of Designed for Listening will host a different designer that will select and curate a playlist he or she enjoys listening to while working – music designed for listening while designing.

The first edition is hosted by yours truly. As I built the playlist, I realised it can work not only as a soundtrack for inspired work, but also that I had created a slow, sexy atmosphere. What does it say about the way I work? You decide.

Track List
1. KAYTRANADA – Leave Me Alone (Ft. Shay Lia)
2. Mndsgn – Cosmic Perspective
3. Rihanna – Needed Me
5. Gingiot – Gingiot
6. Drake – wednesday night interlude (Ft. Partynextdoor)
7. Erykah Badu – Hello (Ft. Andre 3000)
8. dvsn – Angela (Sept. 5th)
9. Mild High Club – Homage
10. Jaako Eino Kalevi-Hush Down
11. M.I.A. – It Takes a Muscle
12. Drake – Summers Over Interlude (Ft. Majid Al Maskati)
13. Atar – At

Are you a designer? Feel like participating in this section? If you answered YES to both questions – drop me an e-mail! shaisa@wix.com