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A group of people look at a table of TYPE01 Magazines

TYPE01 Magazine Launch

Two people review a students portfolio on an iPad.

Pictoplasma Portfolio Reviews

 Magazines exhibition at wix playgeound


lecturer speaking about typography design

Type Thursday NYC

Winners of On The Rise 2023 creative competition at OFFF festival in Barcelona

On The Rise 2023

Criticality and Love

Type Electives

A room full of people listening to a talk by members of the type community called Type Thursday who host monthly events at the Wix Playground

Type Thursday

Large screen with 3d animation graphics with wix playground caption at the entrance to OFFF festival

OFFF 2023

2 designers speaking on stage presenting their winning project as part of the Take the big stage competition

Take The Big Stage

2 designers giving a talk at the Boost TLV event

Boost TLV

A dozen students tuning in at the creative coding masterclass by Talia Cotton held on February 2023 at the wix playground in nyc

Talia Cotton Masterclass


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Wix Playground Academy NYC

Design Predictions 2024

Will AI take over your job?

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