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Create a Column-Based Site with Scroll Effects


Discover how to bring your design to life with multiple scroll effects and perfect compositions

We all enjoy a bit of variety in our lives. Whether that be in terms of what we eat for lunch, or which music we listen to, mixing things up is always refreshing. The same goes for your website. Keep it interesting by playing around with the classic grid, layering visuals and adding a sense of movement with different scroll effects. The website below does just that, creating a complete look that manages to be both serene and exciting simultaneously.

To achieve those same results, hit the “Play” button above for a simple step-by-step tutorial. You’ll discover a few easy and impressive features, helping you take your website to the next level. Explore how to use strips and parallax to create an array of effects. The visual aspects of your site will appear to move at different speeds, gradually reveal themselves as your site visitors scroll down, and form layers of text and images. And thanks to a sophisticated use of columns, all elements will keep perfectly aligned. These techniques are bound to result in unique compositions and an almost addictive scrolling experience.

Ready to put theory into practice? Go behind the scenes of this Wix demo-site and adapt it to create your own website.

Wix web design template with scroll effects
The website featured in this tutorial


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