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Now you can get feedback from friends before you publish your site!

Easily add an MP3 track to your site and customize its play settings.

Lock shapes, photos, text and more to avoid accidental changes while editing.

Beautify your buttons with two new styles - Scotch Tape and Gaming.

Hover your mouse over this new Grid Gallery skin to view pop-up captions.

Your customers can now view your products in detail by zooming in on your product image.

Resize and reorder elements in your mobile site.

Hide specific pages on the mobile menu for a tailored viewing experience.

Make it easier for your readers to navigate by categorizing old blog posts by month and year.

When adding an image, the media gallery menu will automatically open, saving you time and effort.

Easily send stunning email newsletters with updates, promotions, offers, event invites and more.

Customers can easily book their appointments directly on your Wix site - no more phone tag and missed opportunities.

Keep your audience up to date by showing your business’s upcoming specials, sales, updates, promotions and events.

Help people easily locate you with Google Street View or quickly upload a beautiful 360° panoramic photo.

Showcase your different products, prices and features.

Collect important contact information from customers and receive instant updates. 

Add a beautiful blog to your Wix site to grow your online community, promote your business and boost your SEO ranking.

Let your customers share their success stories and act as brand ambassadors for your business.

Drive traffic to your website with this easy-to-use Facebook advertising solution.

Grow your subscriber base with fully-customizable mailing lists.

Add a fully customizable, mobile-responsive poll to any web page in seconds.

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