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An online bookstore portraying a collection of holiday gift ideas for everyone


Add holiday cheer with more options and offers

Seasonal Design Updates

Decorate  your site with holiday-themed banners, promotions and design motifs that will invoke the spirit of the season. 

Give your site a holiday makeover

Create a festive mood when shoppers arrive in your store. Showcase seasonal banners and gift collections on your homepage, update your store for each holiday and inspire shoppers anew each time they visit.

Make it easy for gift-givers to decide

Easily update products and descriptions and make your product pages more relevant for the season. Appeal to gift-givers with additional product information, season-specific descriptions and helpful buying or sizing tips. 

Capture their attention with lightboxes

Customize your popups, sign-up prompts and product spotlights with Wix interactive lightboxes. Drive shopper engagement and increase lead generation while adding holiday flair to your home page.

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Holiday Products

Tap into creative solutions such as gift cards and subscriptions to reach new audiences and generate extra revenue.

Sell branded gift cards

Give the gift of choice to your shoppers—and their loved ones. With branded gift cards, you can increase holiday cash flow without the need for immediate fulfillment. Acquire new customers and make your online store a destination for gift-givers as well as recipients.

Offer gifts that last through the year 

Turn holiday sales into steady revenue with product subscriptions. Offer curated boxes, recurring order options and auto-renew buttons on your product pages to generate cash flow into the new year and beyond.

Instantly expand your catalog with dropshipping

Add seasonal gifts to your store without the hassle of shipping and fulfillment duties. Dropshipping offers a low-risk way to expand your product catalog and offer popular holiday gifts like hats, mugs, travel bags and more. With print on demand dropshipping, you can add your logo or custom designs to 200+ high-quality items from a wide variety of reliable suppliers.

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Featured Apps

Printful: Print on Demand

Design & sell products that stand out.


Create and sell products, we handle the rest.

Modalyst - Dropshipping

Design & create custom products to sell online.


Maximize sales and growth potential by listing your products on the world’s busiest online marketplaces.

Sell on Amazon

Leverage Amazon’s vast customer base and reach hundreds of millions of new customers. Connect your store to Amazon and sell your products to the masses with the added assurance of Amazon’s industry-leading shipping services.

Sell on eBay

Wix’s native eBay integration lets you start selling on one of the world’s most popular marketplaces in minutes. Create a new eBay store or sync your Wix store to an existing one and sell products, publish new holiday listings and manage orders all from a single dashboard. 

Sell on Facebook and Instagram

Launch shoppable posts on Facebook and Instagram and market your products to billions of potential customers. Create a storefront on social media and power your posts with hashtags and videos that can be liked and shared.

Sell on Wish

Enjoy VIP onboarding and access to more than 500 million shoppers on Wish, a bustling global marketplace and compulsively browsable shopping destination. Connect with Wix’s native integration and manage all your sales from one place.

Sell with Wix Point of Sale

Make the most of gift-giving season by selling in holiday markets, pop-up shops or your brick-and-mortar store. Wix POS lets you accept payments on the go and automatically syncs to your online store, so you can manage online and in-person orders from one place.

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How to sell on Amazon with Wix

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Mobile Commerce

Make it easy for shoppers to buy wherever they are with mobile-site optimizations. 

Make your store shoppable on mobile

Make your online store accessible on any device, from any location. Drive mobile conversions by optimizing your site into a mobile-friendly store that on-the-go shoppers can browse, and buy from, with ease. 

Elevate your brand with your own custom app

Offer a professional mobile experience by launching a branded mobile app on the App Store and Google Play. Use app notifications to keep your shoppers engaged and boost sales for the holidays.

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