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Back Office

Optimize your back-end operations to capture every sale

Shipping & Pickup

Create a stress-free experience for holiday shoppers with flexible shipping options.

Add a pickup option for last-minute shoppers

Make it easy for busy or last-minute shoppers to receive their orders in time for the holidays. Let customers choose to pick up their orders from a nearby location and increase revenue by catering to those feeling the crunch of the holiday season.

Let customers schedule delivery times

Let customers receive orders at their convenience by choosing their own delivery dates and times. Scheduled deliveries reduce buyers’ stress during the holidays and can increase customer satisfaction.

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Curbside pickup

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Wix learn how to set up shipping

Wix Learn

How to set up shipping

Learn how to set shipping, delivery and pickup rules that work for your customers and the products you sell.

Featured Apps


Shipping made easy.


Automated fulfillment: pick, pack & ship.


Save time and money with efficient fulfillment.

Orders & Payments

Offer customer-friendly payment options and a seamless checkout experience.

Offer Buy Now, Pay Later

Let your shoppers buy what they want, when they want it this holiday season. With a Buy Now, Pay Later solution, customers pay in installments while you get paid upfront. Stores who adopted BNPL saw an average increase in AOV of 12%.

Let shoppers pay how they want

Wix’s native payment solution, Wix Payments, allows you to accept all major credit cards as well as solutions like PayPal and Apple Pay, or you can choose from one of the other 70+ payment gateways available on Wix worldwide.

Customize your cart page and improve checkout

Increase your AOV by creating a seamless checkout experience. Enhance cart-page functionality with customized buttons, text and related-products widgets to create a smooth customer experience and increase overall conversions.

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Wix Learn How to connect a payment method

Wix Learn

How to connect a payment method

Learn how to connect to payment providers with this step-by-step video course.

Wix Learn How to manage your orders

Wix Learn

How to manage your orders

Learn how to view, manage and filter your store orders to streamline your workflows.

Featured Apps

PayPal Button

Easily accept one-time payments & subscriptions.

QuickBooks Connector

Integrate QuickBooks Online to your site.

Inventory Management

Streamline tasks and generate extra revenue with notifications, inventory reports and time-saving tools.

Enable back-in-stock requests

Let your shoppers know when products they want are back in stock. Increase your cash flow by retaining past site visitors and make the most of the shopping season by keeping your customers informed and engaged with your brand.

Use pre-order to better gauge inventory demands

Build hype for holiday products and sustain your cash flow by letting shoppers pre-order upcoming products. Pre-order also allows you to continue selling high-demand products while you restock them.

Make smarter inventory decisions

Keep a close eye on inventory movement. Track product availability, learn which items are over- and under-performing, and make informed sales and stocking decisions with Wix Analytics inventory reports.

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Wix Learn How to set up back-in-stock notifications

Wix Learn

How to set up back-in-stock notifications

Learn how to add back in-stock requests and notifications to your products.

Featured Apps

SKU IQ Inventory Sync

Sync your eCommerce with your point-of-sale.

Multi-store Inventory Sync

Keep your stock updated across multiple stores.


Automate your shipping, inventory & orders.

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