Release Forms

Before you send us your content, you'll have to fill out our release forms. Please take a look at the following guidelines:

  • The content of your videos or images should not contain copyrighted or trademarked materials. These include, for example, clear and visible logos or trademarks on clothing, food, drinks, cars, gadgets or any other objects; quotes or any text items that are owned or held by a third party.

  • When filming people: You will have to obtain a release form for any recognizable person.

  • When filming properties: any footage filmed inside someone's house, inside a gated area, in a place where you need to obtain tickets in order to enter; footage showing a monument owned by the city or the government - all these require obtaining a release form from the property owner.

We hope these instructions are clear. 

Please download the relevant release forms, get them filled out and signed, and send them over to us, together with your video submission.


For any questions, feel free to contact us!


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