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  • Resolution - Minimum 1920x1080 full HD.

  • Frame rate - 30/25/50/60 per second.

  • Duration - Minimum duration of 7 sec.

  • Please make sure the shot is stable.

  • We will handle editing and color corrections, so feel free to send us raw materials. 

  • Since most of the videos will be used as background videos, plan your shot and consider where titles, subtitles or paragraphs could fit.


  • JPG files only.

  • 1920 - 5000 Pixel per inch.


  • Wix is looking for stunning, top quality content. Each brief comes with specific content guidelines. Here are our general content guidelines:

  • Read our briefs carefully and view the example videos/photos.

  • Because some videos/photos will be used as visual background (see examples below), try to avoid creating videos/photos that are busy with elements and effects.

  • Keep in mind that our videos/photos need to be generic enough for many types of websites:

  1. Try to avoid including faces in your edits.

  2. Don’t use identifiable brands, trade names or trademarks.

  3. Think diversity: gender, ethnicity, age etc.

  • Video/photo authenticity is very important. Make sure that the videos/photos capture a real life scene and look as natural as possible.

  • We’re all equally beautiful. No need to use professional models  on set.

  • It’s always a good idea to look through the Wix Media Manager and better understand what visual assets already exist, as well as the kind of content and the quality we’re looking for.

  • Make sure you obtain appropriate releases from people who appear in the videos/photos or from property owners whose property  appears in the video/photo. 

  • Images and videos displayed on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be copied or imitated. All rights reserved by the respective image or video owners.

  • Make sure you obtain appropriate releases for your videos or images.

  • Make sure no trademarks or logos are visible in your videos or images.


Do I need to shoot everything exclusively for Wix or can I use existing content?

You may send us new or older videos/photos, as long as you are the one who shot them and own their copyrights.

How do I submit my video/photo?

Once your videos/photos are ready, use the Submit form on the brief page, fill in your details and upload the footage, together with the relevant release forms (when applicable). 
We'll review your videos/photos, and if they meet our guidelines and criteria, we'll email you our payment forms and a purchase contract for your signature.

Can I submit more than one video/photo?

Yes, definitely. Send as many videos/photos as you’d like. 

What happens once I submit my video/photo?

We will review your video/photo, and if it meets our criteria and guidelines, we’ll send you a contract and proceed to purchase your video/photo. Please allow us 30 business days to review your videos/photos.

How will Wix users use my videos/photos?

Your videos/photos will be added to the Wix Media Manager, our library that stores thousands of images, videos and illustrations. It will be tagged and labeled, so users can easily find it and add it to their sites.

How much will you pay me per video/photo?

Our prices appears at the top of each brief. 

How will I get paid?

Once we decide to buy your video/photo (any number of videos/photos), we will email you our contract. You'll be asked to read, sign and return it to us, along with two additional documents: an invoice for the agreed amount, and your PayPal account (aka, your email address). After receiving the above, we will transfer the payment to your account within 30 business days.​

What are the terms of the purchase?

We are purchasing the videos/photos including all rights. This means that we will be the owners of the video/photo and will have full control over it. If we purchase your videos/photos you may not sell, transfer, sublicense or grant any rights in such videos/photos to third parties, or allow them to use or publish the videos/photos. You will retain your right to display these videos/photos on your portfolio.

What happens if you didn't select my video/photo?

Videos/photos that were not selected will remain yours; Wix will not use them in any way.

What is a background video/photo?

Some of the videos/photos will be used as background videos/photos on various pages and sections. For this reason, we ask that you leave some empty spaces in the frame for titles, subtitles and paragraphs.


Here are a few examples of how your videos/photos might be used:

I'm a Title

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

I'm a Title

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me.

I'm a Title

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