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Construction and building development

We’re looking for the best photos and videos exploring construction and building development. You can show shots of construction sites of all scales, and in any stage of development. You can show people in the industry like engineers, contractors, architects, constructors, and painters. These photos or videos can show people renovating their homes, reviewing building plans, or putting up their home for sale. In addition, your visuals can focus on working tools, heavy machinery, painted walls, or beautiful real estate interior and exterior.

  • Please note that horizontal framing is preferred for both images and videos. In addition, video or photo series will be prioritised over single images or videos.

In this brief we pay



Per Video



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11:59pm PST

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Mood Boards

Construction Sites

Workers at Work

Working Tools

Real Estates Interior and Exterior

Do you think you have exactly what we need?

To submit your videos or images, please follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Organize your videos / images and any release forms needed per video / image in a folder. Upload the folder to any cloud based service (ie. Google drive, iCloud etc.).

2) Make sure your folder is sharable. 

3) Fill in the submission form, add the link of your folder and Submit.

All done! 

Once we get your folder, please allow 30 business days to review the videos / images. If your videos / images meet our brief criteria - we will send an email with a detailed agreement and payment info.

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Home Renovations


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