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Discover the Latest Features, Apps & Stunning Templates

New Editor Features

Image Filters

Play around with 40+ new image filters and create your own stunning, professional look.

New Fonts

Try out 20 trendy fonts handpicked by our in-house team of designers.

Pin Text

Pin your text to a specific location on your site - top, bottom, left, right or center.

Scroll Effects

Add dynamic scroll effects to your mobile site, like Frozen, Fade Out and Disappear.

Vector Art

Browse 3000 designer-made illustrations, icons, logos, badges and more.

Vertical Menu

Now when you add or delete pages, the length of your menu will adjust automatically.

Quick Action Bar

Set up quick actions on your mobile site, so visitors can contact you by phone, email, Facebook and more.

Hidden Elements

In the Mobile Editor, you can choose which elements you want to hide and show on your page.

Wix Code

Get advanced capabilities with all the stunning design features of the Wix Editor. Set up databases, create dynamic pages, repeating layouts, build custom forms and take full control of your site with JavaScript and our APIs.

Wix Answers

Wix Answers powers our help center, call center and entire ticketing system - supporting over 120 million Wix users like you in 8 languages. Now, you can use it to support your customers and business.


Smart Assist

Get instant help for actions you should take while building your Wix ADI website.

Wix SEO Wiz

Connect Your Site to Google

Follow your own personalized SEO plan to instantly index your Wix website on Google and get found online.

FAQ Help

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting your site found on Google.

Header Tag Override

Choose which header tag you want to appear with each paragraph of text on your site. This makes your site more accessible for people with disabilities.

New Editor Features
Wix Cod
Wix Answers
Wix Adi
Wix SEO Wiz
Wix ShoutOut

Wix ShoutOut

Email Marketing Guide

Check out helpful articles and videos from our Email Marketing Guide. Easily access the guide from your Email Marketing dashboard.

New Templates Page

Explore the new Templates Page located in your Wix ShoutOut dashboard and find the perfect email template for your brand or business.

Wix Stores

Product Ribbons

Quickly update Ribbons for your products - like New or Best Seller. From your Products Page, go to Manage Ribbons to update your items.

Wix Bookings

Services Page

Promote the services you offer in an email or on social. Each service page is instantly created the moment you add a service and has its own unique URL - great for SEO.

Wix Blog

Blog Feed

Display your latest posts or create your own custom blog feed and showcase them anywhere on your site.

Advanced Settings

Choose your post date and add SEO titles, descriptions and links to every post.

New Languages

Share your story in 11 new languages, including: Traditional Chinese, Indonesian Bahasa, Malay, Thai, Tagalog, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic.

Wix Video

New Templates

Discover new templates for showcasing your videos - from film student showreels to online fitness courses.

Action Cards

Make viewers take action - right from your videos. Add clickable action cards to videos to promote your products and services, grow your social following and more.

Wix Stores
Wix Bookings
Wix Blog
Wix Apps
Wix Videos

Powerful Apps for Your Site

Post Links for Instagram Feed

Easily add links to any photo or video in your Instagram feed so you can send visitors directly to your products and services.

Post Links for Instagram Feed



Visual Stats Bar

Showcase your most important events and keep visitors updated with a beautiful, customizable calendar. You can also import your Google Calendar events and display them on your site.

Make it easy for site visitors and loyal fans to become patrons of your work. Add a Patreon button to your site and connect visitors straight to your Patreon Rewards page.

Track and display your progress towards specific goals and milestones on your site with stunning bar graphs - from sales, fundraising, fitness and more.

Stunning New Templates

Launch Templates 

And much more

Event Templates 

Portfolio & CV Templates 

Video Templates 

Go to your site from your desktop and try these new features today.
Stunning Templates
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