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How to Create a Paid Ad Campaign for Your Online Store

Promote your store products on Facebook and Instagram in 8 simple steps.

1. Sign up for Wix

Go to to create an account for your online store, or log in to your existing site.

2. Go to Your Site Dashboard
Select Marketing Tools, then Facebook Ads to get started on your paid ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Connect Your Wix Store to Facebook
Follow the dashboard prompts to connect your Wix Stores product catalog to your Facebook Business page.

4. Create Your Ad 
Edit your caption and choose products to feature. Products in your ads will automatically change in order to best reach potential customers.

5. Describe Your Audience
Tell us about your target audience, like their gender, age, location and more. Wix uses this info to optimize the performance of your ad campaign.

6. Set Your Campaign Budget
Choose a monthly campaign budget that works best for your business. Keep in mind, campaigns must run for a minimum of two months to get the best results.

7. Review and Launch Your Campaign

Preview your ad content, audience and budget before launching your campaign. If everything looks good, submit your campaign and let Wix handle the rest.

8. Track Campaign Performance and Sales
Manage your ad campaign and track its impact on your store’s performance and sales. Our smart algorithm will continually learn how to best reach your audience.

To create your ad campaign: Go to your Wix site dashboard > Marketing Tools > Facebook Ads