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Why should I use Wix to create my Facebook Ads?

Wix makes it easy to create, run and track results from your Facebook Ad campaign. Set up your ad in four quick steps: 1) Edit your ad caption and choose your products; 2) Define your target audience; 3) Set your campaign budget; and, 4) Review and submit your ad campaign.
Once you’ve submitted your ad campaign with Wix, we take care of the rest—from retargeting and creating lookalike audiences, to A/B testing and continual performance optimization. All you have to do is track results from your Facebook Ads dashboard. You’ll be able to see the impact your campaign has on social engagements, traffic to your online store, sales and more. See for yourself and get started on your Facebook Ad campaign with Wix.

What are dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads promote your store products to customers that have shown interest. These ads look the same as any other ad on Facebook and Instagram. However, dynamic ads are powered by a sophisticated algorithm that automatically decides which products to feature. This algorithm learns from the behaviors of your target audience, serving potential customers the most relevant ads. Products featured in each ad change in order to best attract potential customers on Facebook and Instagram. Because dynamic ads show potential customers the most relevant products, people are more likely to take action. Dynamic ads are more likely to drive traffic to your online store and boost sales.

Can I edit my ad?

When you create an ad campaign with Wix, you can edit your ad caption text and choose the products you want to feature. Additionally, you can define your target audience. You can choose the gender, age range, special interests, as well as the location (country, state or region) of your audience. Your ad’s product images and details come from your Wix Stores’ product catalog. Any changes you make to your product catalog will automatically appear in your ad.
Once your ad campaign is live, you can make changes to your ad caption, products or target audience. Although, we don’t recommend it. The machine-learning algorithm needs some time to learn. During this time, it runs its own A/B tests and optimizes performance in order to best reach your audience. Frequent edits to your ad caption or target audience can have a negative impact on the results of your ad campaign.

Where will my ad appear?

Your ad campaign will appear on Facebook (web and mobile) and Instagram (mobile). Ad campaigns with a budget over $100 will also appear in Facebook’s Audience Network and Marketplace.

Who will see my ad?

When setting up an ad campaign, you describe your target audience by gender, age range, special interests and location. The machine-learning algorithm uses this data to retarget potential customers and lookalike audiences. Through continual A/B testing and optimization, your ad gets seen by high-quality customers that are most likely to convert.

Can I change my monthly budget while my ad campaign is running?

While creating an ad campaign, you set your monthly campaign budget. This budget will remain in effect for the duration of your campaign’s run time. Your campaign budget cannot be changed while the campaign is running. You can opt to run your campaign continuously. Alternatively, you can choose a specific end date for your campaign. Keep in mind, your ad campaign has a minimum run time of two months to maximize results.

How can I track the performance of my ad campaign?

Once your ad campaign is live, go to your site dashboard to track performance. Go to Marketing Tools > Facebook Ads. You’ll be able to view data on ad engagement and its impact on your purchase funnel. Ad engagement stats show how people interact with your ad on social, such as views, likes, comments and shares. Purchase funnel stats give you a snapshot of a potential customer’s journey, from the moment they visit your online store to making a purchase. This data includes: number of visits to your online store, if the customer added an item to their cart, store orders and revenue.

How much does it cost to run a Facebook Ad campaign with Wix?

Facebook Ads from Wix offers three flexible budget plans starting at $79 (USD). Choose a monthly budget that works best for you and your business. You can always make changes to your campaign budget at the end of your campaign’s run time.

To create your ad campaign: Go to your Wix site dashboard > Marketing Tools > Facebook Ads