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Compilation of the homepages of The Wix Awards winning websites.
Compilation of the homepages of The Wix Awards winning websites.

The Wix Awards 
2021 Winners

Explore this year’s winning websites and let their stories inspire your own creations.   

Grand prize winner

Grand prize winner
Desktop and mobile view of the homepage for grand prize winner Dopple Press and Liv White, the site owner.

Dopple Press

Enter the imagination of Liv White, a multi-talented creator based in Brighton, England. With over 14 years experience in graphic design under her belt, she has built a successful online presence for her business Dopple Press, a risograph printing studio. When the pandemic put the world in lockdown she put her creativity, focus and determination to good use, teaching herself to create interactions and colorful animations using code on Velo. The result: An exceptional online experience that perfectly mirrors the feeling customers get coming into her studio. See it for yourself.




Hors-D'œuvre is a French creative studio founded by Martin, Florian and Guerschon who shared a vision; to create a high-end fashion brand inspired by their love of basketball. When they started selling online, they decided to not only build something that would stand out,
but would also provide the best user experience. Explore their world.

Homepage for finalist Hors-D'œuvre and an image of site owners Martin, Florian and Guerschon.
Mobile view of finalist Fagerström’s homepage and Puli Arancibia and Joaquín Pinochet.



Fagerström is an independent design studio run by Puli Arancibia and Joaquín Pinochet, specializing in creating brand identity and packaging. Their worldwide success is built on their ability to not just follow trends, but instead, find the perfect concept to fit their clients’ business needs. Looking to brand your product? They’ve got you covered.

Homepage for finalist The Five Fields and an image of chef Taylor Bonnyman.


The Five Fields

The Five Fields is a Michelin star restaurant located in Chelsea, London. In 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided that their site needed a rebrand. Their new focus: The fruits, vegetables and flowers in their very own garden that make up around 80% of their constantly changing menu.
Foodies—prepare yourselves.

Finalist May Gauthier and her portfolio homepage.


May Gauthier

May Gauthier wears many hats. She is a talented photographer, writer and graphic designer. Her website, which has the look and feel of a journal, truly showcases her creativity and individuality. The site has everything Gauthier, from fun gift ideas to her photography and original prints. Searching for inspiration? This is the place.



Created by Marilyne Bertrand (Wix Partner)  

Loukaa, founded by Meagan and Marilou, is a clothing company specializing in twinning fashion. Their website was created by Marilyne Bertrand, a talented designer whose vision is to help entrepreneurs, like herself, create their online presence. Having a love of fashion herself, this collaboration was a perfect fit. See what else she’s created.

Homepage for finalist Loukaa and an image of site designer Marilyne Bertrand.


Weirdoh Birds

Weirdoh Birds is a groovy upscale home decor business founded by Orit Harpaz, a visual artist and photographer with 24 years of experience. Her goal with this store was to put smiles on people's faces and bring creativity into their homes. And the result? See for yourself.

Homepage for finalist Weirdoh Birds and an image of founder Orit Harpaz.



Festela, a slow fashion brand based in Barcelona was founded by designers Mireia and Merce. Each piece is hand-made so you won't find two designs that look alike, and they focused on that love of the unique when building their website to create a place where they could sell their products, but also tell their story. Fashionistas pay attention.

Homepage for finalist Festela and an image of founders Mireia and Merce.
Mobile view of finalist Malco’s homepage.



Created by Certified Code (Wix Partner)

Malco, a startup from Solothurn, Switzerland, offers sustainable and affordable wooden signs. Certified Code, an agency in the United States who built the site, was able to incorporate their vision using Velo, Wix’s dev mode, to create an outstanding user experience for customers choosing and customizing their products in the site’s store.  Check out their work.


Hound Squad

Stylish dog collar store Hound Squad,
was born when friends Bernadeta and Karolina decided their dogs deserved better collars. They drew inspiration for their site from their love of nature and their canine companions, and the best part?
Their pups get to be front and center.
Dog lovers, this is for you.

Homepage for finalist Hound Squad and an image of owners Bernadeta and Karolina with their dogs.
Homepage for finalist Nash Pictures and an image of founders Clifford and Griffin Nash.


Nash Pictures

Nash Pictures is a production company founded by identical twins Clifford and Griffin Nash. This website is a perfect representation of their creativity, hard work and passion. They’ve even got a New England Emmy Award winner for an outstanding campaign—you’ve gotta see it.

Get your site ready for next year’s awards.

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