How It Works

Created on Corvid by Wix, the Online Volunteer Call Center is a fully inclusive web app with 3 distinct parts: volunteer application, online call center and report monitoring. The system can be integrated into all types of government systems worldwide - with no infringement on individual privacy.

Online Volunteer
Call Center

This system was built to help the Israeli Ministry of Finance & Welfare answer the needs of citizens in the time of COVID-19. Now, we’re proud to offer it to governments around the world, at no charge.


Volunteer Application 

This online system allows volunteers to easily register and after a validation check, which can be integrated with government databases, their application is sent to review. Once they’re approved, they can immediately access the call center and get started.


The Call Center 

With the power to support 100s of agents calling millions of people, the call center is 100% secure and includes:​

  • Volunteer dashboard where all calls are managed.

  • Initiation of calls while keeping with privacy regulations (using API)

  • Built-in script and call summary forms to help volunteers collect information


Report Monitoring 

Coordinators and government officials can pull reports at any time, with multiple parameters. This allows them to track how many people have been reached, how many numbers aren’t in service and more. 

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The Volunteer System & Your Government

Wix is proud to offer this system to governments around the world, free! We’re also available to translate it into other languages, and help in adjusting and implementing it (which can take a few days up to 2 weeks).