Tom Maughan
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Manchester, England, United Kingdom
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Pea Pops UK based crisp brand.
Pea Pops
UK based crisp brand.
The Good Tart London based cake maker.
The Good Tart
London based cake maker.

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About Tom Maughan
Do you need a professional online presence thats search optimised and mobile responsive? All with expert Wix Partner support and knowledge? Then get in touch with me today. Through years of experience I have developed an in depth knowledge of the Wix applica... Read more
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As well as website builds I'm involved in the maintenance of multiple international websites for my clients, offering tailored support to individual needs. ​ I am also a top rated Wix freelancer on the platform PeoplePerHour with a full 5 star rating.

Services & Rates

Web Design
Advanced Website | Starting at $1,500
Get a website with customized visuals, advanced features and more.
Website Guidance | Starting at $150
Get guidance about the design and functionality of your Wix site.
Classic Website | Starting at $800
Get a basic website including a theme.
Redesign Website | Starting at $800
Get a new theme and design for your website.
Migrate Website | Starting at $800
Use your existing graphics and content in a new Wix site.
Online Store
Small Tasks
Web Development

35 Reviews