Olcay Bagci (WixTR)
Olcay B. 30, Worldwide, Male, Web Master
131 reviews
İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
Turkish, English
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Elbet Steakhouse
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About Olcay Bagci (WixTR)
I have been designing websites and managing for over 10 years. I have helped many of clients build stunning websites, web apps and other business technologies that manage/improve their online presence. My primary objective is to design your website in a manner... Read more
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I specialize in WiX website design and SEO. I have built websites, mobile and web apps over 150 for clients from all across the globe. I design websites to engage your users with well-organized content, clear direction, and consistency across multiple devices.... Read more

Services & Rates

Web Design
Advanced Website | Starting at $350
Get a website with customized visuals, advanced features and more.
Website Guidance | Starting at $30
Get guidance about the design and functionality of your Wix site.
Classic Website | Starting at $200
Get a basic website including a theme.
Redesign Website | Starting at $130
Get a new theme and design for your website.
Migrate Website | Starting at $130
Use your existing graphics and content in a new Wix site.
Online Store
Small Tasks
Graphic Design
Marketing & Promoting
Web Development

131 Reviews