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About Next Wave Services
Next Wave is the proactive leader in website design and website maintenance service based in Charlotte, NC. For the last 20 years, we have mastered the art of providing quality and affordable website design and maintenance services, logo designs and marketing services to our customers. Our services have helped clients free up their time to focus more on building their brand and business. We support business owners by helping them to be digitally available and accessible to their clients! We look... Read more

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Small Tasks
Connect Domain | Starting at $50
Connect or attach a domain to your site.
Google Analytics | Starting at $100
Connect your site to Google Analytics to track conversions and customer behavior.
Site Updates | Starting at $50
Add a page, make minor adjustments, technical improvements, or fixes.
Install Apps | Starting at $50
Add apps like Forum, Blog, Events, Bookings, Store and Chat.
Web Design
Online Store
Graphic Design

17 Reviews