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Think You Solutions
Think You Solutions
UMASS - Center for Governance & Sustainability
UMASS - Center for Governance & Sustainability
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Roger Varner Law
Its Barica Horner
Its Barica Horner

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At nexiWorks, we believe in the power of ideas. We thrive on making a difference to brands and helping companies make powerful audience connections. Our mission is to help define and sharpen your vision and then help bring it to life in a way that connections with your audience. Here at nexiWorks we are passionate about helping you find your creative voice by guiding our clients through the minefields of modern business, helping them thrive in a fast-changing world. In so doing, we leverage eac... Read more

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Web Design
Advanced Website | Starting at $2,000
Get a website with customized visuals, advanced features and more.
Classic Website | Starting at $650
Get a basic website including a theme.
Redesign Website | Starting at $450
Get a new theme and design for your website.
Mobile Website | Starting at $350
Get your site to look great on mobile devices.
Migrate Website | Starting at $650
Use your existing graphics and content in a new Wix site.
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