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Wix Education is now Wix Tomorrow!

What will you create tomorrow?

Wix Tomorrow homepage

Since launching Wix Education, we’ve seen students from all kinds of learning environments discover the power of the web by creating their first websites and building personally meaningful projects that they can share with their communities. Our favorite part of what we do is seeing students’ visions come to life with the web — whether it’s dynamic portfolio websites that showcase students’ proudest achievements, playful sites that are vibrant odes to students’ favorite pop bands and desserts, and even sites designed to stretch the imagination, like a website advertising a concert on the moon!

Just like technology is constantly advancing, what our students need to know in order to thrive in tomorrow’s society is always evolving. In a world where about two-thirds of today’s students will end up doing work that hasn’t been invented yet, there’s an increasing urgency for supporting our students as creators of technology — rather than consumers — by equipping them with flexible competencies like problem-solving skills and collaboration, nurturing their creativity, and providing portals into real-world ideas and careers that have the potential to transform the world. Building your first website is just the beginning; the web is a powerful tool that can open a world of creative possibilities and professional pathways.

This is where Wix Tomorrow comes in. Wix Tomorrow is an expansion of creative possibilities for youth, including all of the free resources to teach web design, web creation, and web development that you know and love. With Wix Tomorrow, students are not only creators, but changemakers.

In our Tomorrow, we envision a future where students are savvy creators, equipped with innovative tools, future-ready skills, and equity-driven mindsets to bring their wildest, most impactful ideas to life with the web. Wix Tomorrow is designed to accompany students on every step of their web creation journeys. We want our students to get excited about building their first websites in your classrooms, and also see the world of possibilities that being a Web Creator can open for them.

You can think about Wix Tomorrow as an umbrella for two different learning pathways, divided by age groups and audiences: Tomorrow Classroom (formerly known as the Wix Education platform) for educators teaching students ages 13-18, and Creators of Tomorrow for young learners ages 16-21.

  • Wix Tomorrow Classroom ( is a free platform and suite of learning resources created for educators teaching students (ages 13-18) to nurture student web creation, web design and web development skills, be creative, and make ideas come to life. Tomorrow Classroom includes free lesson plans, activities, templates, and classroom management solutions that are designed for any expertise level. With Tomorrow Classroom, students typically create portfolio websites, capstone projects, and passion projects. Wix Tomorrow Classroom was built specifically for educators in formal and informal classroom settings.

  • Wix Creators of Tomorrow ( is a website creation Challenge that gives young innovators (ages 16-21) the opportunity to make real-world impact, learn powerful entrepreneurial tools with Wix, and cultivate innovative mindsets to be the trailblazers of tomorrow. Creators of Tomorrow begins with a workshop series led by Wix experts where students will learn the ins and outs of working with websites — from designing a site, to using business and marketing tools, to discovering innovative tools and changemaker mindsets. Along the way, they are encouraged to build a real-world project in one of four impact spaces: Sustainable Well Being, Lifelong Learning, Equitable Futures, or Climate Action. Then, youth will submit their project for the chance of being accepted into an exclusive Mentorship Cohort, where they will advance their ideas and designs with support from Wix mentors and participate in the challenge finals. Unlike Tomorrow Classroom, learning is self-led, and youth are using the full version of Wix to create their sites. It does not require an educator or education account for students to participate.

With Wix Tomorrow Classroom, your students might design a portfolio to showcase their proudest school projects, create a website that serves as a capstone project, bring an essay to life with dynamic graphics, code their first custom interaction, or learn more about applying color theory to their designs. With Creators of Tomorrow, students can expand their web creation skills while growing future-ready, creative problem-solving abilities, and build real-world impact projects that harness all of the best-in-class tools that Wix has to offer.

But more than anything, Wix Tomorrow represents the possibilities of the future. No matter what our students decide to build with the web, we hope they are imagining, designing, and sharing the tomorrows they hope to inhabit.

Tomorrow is Creative. Equitable. Dynamic. Diverse. Compassionate. Vibrant. Thriving. We’re so excited to move forward into Tomorrows, together.


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