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Ten Inspiring Websites to Fuel your Women's History Month Celebration

In celebration of women's history in March and beyond, here are 10 stunning websites made by, for, and about women that inspire, empower, and uplift

March is Women’s History Month! WHM is a chance to celebrate the achievements of women across cultures, industries, and interests, past and present. It’s a chance to recognize the stunning impact women have made in history, and ignite a passion to continue to build an equitable future for women of all definitions.

This post showcases a diverse range of women and women-focused websites across multiple spaces meant to fuel you and your students’ inspiration and WHM celebration. Websites present a unique opportunity to dive into new worlds — to get inspired by other people’s stories, cultivate curiosity about new ideas, and imagine the countless possibilities of your own future. After all, you can’t be what you can’t see! From STEM advocates to savvy designers, from entrepreneurs to international superstars, we’re sure you and your students will find a website to celebrate with that speaks to you.

Here are 10 websites made by, about, and/or for women that inspire, empower, and uplift — all made with Wix and Wix products!

  1. The Designer - Kaijie Chen

  2. The STEM Advocates - Kode with Klossy

  3. The Artist - Shantell Martin

  4. The Seamstresses - Second Stitch

  5. The Engineer - Fionnghuala O'Reilly

  6. The Changemakers - GenShe

  7. The Foodie - Padma Lakshmi

  8. The Adventurers - Ascend

  9. The Entrepreneurs - Izzy Wheels

  10. The Superstar - JLo

The Designer - Kaijie Chen

Kaijie Chen is a multidisciplinary artist who creates experimental designs through a combination of engineering technology, material exploration, and visual design. Kaijie’s expertly-designed portfolio website showcases her unique surrealist style and seamlessly weaves together her different interests. According to her site, “Her dream is to be a bridge between these three sectors (architecture, interior design, and engineering technology) to produce designs that elevate lived human experiences.” We love the bold design choices and customizations she made when creating her website, like the playful contrasting circle that takes your cursor’s place as you move your mouse to explore her work.

The STEM Advocates - Kode with Klossy

Did you know that only 25% of computer science roles are held by women, and only 8% are held by women of color? Kode with Klossy wants to fix that. Kode with Klossy is a nonprofit organization that seeks to achieve gender equity by providing learning experiences and opportunities for girls and gender-expansive youth to create with technology. If your students are interested in exploring opportunities to create with code, you can learn more here!

Gif of Shantell Martin's site Lines

Shantell Martin is a British visual artist (and curator, philosopher, cultural facilitator, choreographer, performer, and more) whose unmistakable style evolves around playful, black and white, line-based shapes and figures. This website showcases Lines, a new book about Shantell’s career and her art. Get inspired by Shantell’s career and see her art in action on this site!

The Seamstresses - Second Stitch

Second Stitch is an Australian social enterprise that empowers women — economically and socially — from diverse backgrounds through textiles. They offer alterations, often completed by highly skilled migrant, asylum seeker and refugee women, ethically made sewn products, training, and community workshops. Second Stitch believes “local and sustainably made productions can create an ecosystem that supports women”. We love how Second Stitch combines traditional craft with women’s empowerment, creating community and supporting sustainability along the way.

The Engineer - Fionnghuala O'Reilly

Fig O'Reilly is a force! This multi-talented woman is a systems engineer, a science communicator, has worked as a NASA datanaut (a specialist in data science), and was the first woman of color to win Miss Universe Ireland. Fig is an advocate for students to pursue engineering, and also stars on CBS’s STEM television show Mission Unstoppable. Her organization Space to Reach aims to close the opportunity gap for women in STEM by connecting employers to Black and Brown women in technology and engineering.

The Changemakers - GenShe

GenShe is an organization aimed to empower Generation Z women to be the future founders, leaders, and builders of tomorrow. Recognizing that male-dominated industries often overlook pathways to support young women, GenShe provides opportunities for Gen Z women to break into the job market and take on leadership roles through networking, career opportunities, mentorship, events, and funding. We love how this organization is working to break down opportunity barriers early on in the pipeline to pave the way for Gen Z women to lead the global workforce of the future.

The Foodie - Padma Lakshmi

If you love food (and watching delicious meals cooked on TV), you know Padma Lakshmi. Padma is perhaps most well-known as a host of Top Chef, and her own show, Taste the Nation. Padma’s content is never just about food — it’s also about connecting with one’s cultural roots, building meaningful relationships, uncovering inequities and uplifting others, and creating community. Padma is an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Artist Ambassador for immigrants' rights and women's rights, and a powerful activist in the food justice and womens’ health spaces. Her beautiful website is a joy to explore, as each page uncovers a new aspect of this multi-talented woman’s inspiring story and work.

The Adventurers - Ascend

Ascend is an nonprofit organization that empowers young women through mountaineering-based leadership training and community service in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Girls part of the Ascend program participate in a two-year mountaineering program that aims to strengthen their leadership and climbing skills while nurturing community activism. We love Ascend’s unique mind/body approach to empowering women and cultivating leadership by “using the mountains surrounding their homes as a classroom.”

The Entrepreneurs - Izzy Wheels

Izzy Wheels is so much more than an online store that sells stunning wheelchair covers — it’s the story of Irish sisters Ailbhe and Izzy Keane and their passion for colorful, empowering design. The story of Izzy Wheels began in 2016, when Ailbhe designed a series of removable wheelchair covers inspired by her vibrant sister as part of her studies in Art and Design. The rest is history! In Ailbhe’s words, “Our mission with Izzy Wheels is to challenge negative associations with wheelchairs and let users celebrate their individuality by personalizing their source of independence. We want to show the world that wheelchairs can be so much more than a medical device, they can be a piece of artistic self-expression.”

The Superstar - JLo

What better way to end a blog post of inspiring women than JLo herself? Actor, popstar, dancer, designer, philanthropist, activist, mom — Jenny from the Block can do it all. Jennifer Lopez is a shining example of how women can’t be put into boxes. Women are multi-talented, multifaceted, and breaking expectations and barriers everywhere they turn. When we’re not singing along to her songs or getting lost in her movies, we’re inspired by JLo’s work to support and empower Latina entrepreneurs and business owners. Women’s History Month, let’s get loud!


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