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Present Your Products Any Way You Want

Expose your product catalog to Velo’s built-in database and create advanced features for your store. Showcase and sell your products the way you want.


Customize Your Store’s Functionality

Enhance your store’s functionality with Velo APIs—like getProduct, addToCart and more. Fully customize products and product pages to transform your customer’s shopping experience.


- Introducing Wix Stores with Velo -

Fully Customize Your Online Store with Velo

Build a robust online store with advanced Velo capabilities and Wix Stores’ professional business solutions.

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Velo APIs for Wix Stores

Add to Cart

Create your own product pages with add to cart buttons and galleries.

Get Product

Customize pages with data from your product catalog and database.

Show Product Options

Manage and update product options, inventory details, SKUs and more.

To start using Velo:

Go to the Wix Editor > Velo > Enable Velo


Wix Mega Store & Example Features

The Wix Mega Store is a showcase of what you can build with Velo APIs. Check out some of the examples and see what you can do.

Related Items

Recommend products based on price, brand and more.

Bulk Add to Cart

Let customers add multiple items to their cart—all at once.


Let customers add items to their wishlist and save to purchase later.

As Seen on Me

Engage influencers by showcasing them using your products.

Shop Reviews

Build trust with customer ratings and reviews of your products.

Gift Quiz

Help customers find the perfect gift with quizzes and product recommendations.

Product Configurator

Give customers tools to fully customize products and make them one of a kind.

Add to Cart Gallery

Make it easy for customers to add products to their cart—right from your product gallery.

Highest-Rated Products Gallery

Showcase your highest-rated products in their own gallery.

Print on Demand

Change the color, add text or upload images to personalize products.

To start using Velo:

Go to the Wix Editor > Velo > Enable Velo

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Get More Power & Flexibility for Your Online Store with Velo

To start using Velo:

Go to the Wix Editor > Velo > Enable Velo

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Hire a Developer for Your Online Store

Hire a developer to build or add functionality to your online store. Choose from 100s of professionals and create your request in the Wix Marketplace.

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