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Check out the Newest Wix Stores Features


Analytics Dashboard

Understand your customers better. Analyze your store’s data, monitor sales statistics, identify top customers and discover where visitors come from.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Encourage customers to complete their purchases. Send automated abandoned cart emails to remind them what they left behind to recover lost sales.

Tax Calculation with Avalara

Sales Tax Calculation with Avalara

Simplify tax calculation. Let Avalara automatically calculate tax directly in your customers’ shopping carts in real time.

Import and  Export

Multilingual Store

Open the door to international sales. Create multiple versions of your store in any language and localize your store’s content.

Import and Export CSV Files

Manage your entire product catalog. Import, export and download all your data as a CSV file, making it easier to edit large amounts of product data at once. 

Refund and Cancel Orders

Refund and Cancel Orders

Cancel and refund purchases processed with PayPal and Stripe right from your dashboard, and automatically update your inventory and sales data.

Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels

Simplify the shipping process. Easily print shipping labels, define shipping rules to automate your workflow and ship all your products with your choice of carriers.

Mobile Filters

Help customers find exactly what they’re looking for on any device. Let them easily filter through products and collections.

Mobile Filters

Fully Customize Your Store with Corvid

by Wix

Expand your store’s capabilities and create wishlists, add-to-cart buttons, related items and more.

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