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Introducing Transparent Videos:

A Breakthrough Visual Experience For Your Visitors

Set your website apart with transparent video technology exclusive to Wix. Overcome the limitations of traditional MP4 streaming using transparent videos with invisible backgrounds that can be played on any browser or device.

Unleash Your Creativity With Hundreds of Free Transparent Videos from Wix

Select from a rich collection of transparent videos exclusive to Wix and created in collaboration with artists and designers around the world.

A holographic celestial moon and stars

Personalize Your Transparent Videos the Way You Want

Edit, adjust and resize your transparent videos with unlimited custom coloring options. Flip and rotate videos and place them anywhere you want to fit the design of your site.

Customize How Your Visitors Interact With Your Videos

Choose how videos play, pause or loop — automatically, with a click or when a visitor hovers over it. Grab attention by adding sound to videos for even more style.

Cursor finger icon

Upload Your Own One-of-a-Kind Transparent Videos

Export videos you created with an alpha channel from video editing tools (such as Adobe AE, Premier and more) or search for stock videos with alpha channels and upload them to the Wix Editor to use on your site.

Pink and grey floating fluffy clouds
Upload icon
Green palm leaves behind a rotating grey boulder
Gray and white checkerboard pattern used to illustrate background transparency
Small black pug puppy wearing a striped shirt

Grab your audience's attention and make a lasting impression with transparent videos.

A blue vase sitting on a white marble staircase casting a shadow

To add a transparent video to your site, go to from your computer.

Reflection from a pool of blue water
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