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Wix Education is now Wix Tomorrow! Read more about the change here


Ages 13-18

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Wix Editor open with a step-by-step guide named Get to Know the Editor

Let your students explore their creativity on a leading web creation platform with engaging, interactive lessons and guided step-by-step activities. Students can create everything from portfolio sites, to hobby sites, to final project sites while developing their digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


Three slides from the Tomorrow Classroom curriculum, titled Layout & Alignment, Text and Lesson #12

Tomorrow Classroom offers four all-inclusive, teacher-led courses: Intro to Wix and the Web, Web Creation, Web Design, and Web Development. In each course, students learn forward-thinking skills and mindsets that real web creators use to create professional sites. They’ll explore everything from color theory and writing compelling content, to being inclusive creators.


A composition of a teacher smiling, a class tile with the text Ms. Martin’s Class 10A and a list of students enrolled in the class

Tomorrow Classroom uses a student-friendly version of the Wix Editor, and with our built-in classroom management tools, you can be part of your students’ learning journeys. You can edit, add feedback, turn on/off publishing abilities, and transfer your students' sites to personal accounts when they are ready to graduate

CLASSROOM Management Tool

“Wix Tomorrow Classroom helped me teach students the principles of good design; which are essential communication skills.”

Instructional Tech Coach, 
Woodbridge Senior High School New Alexandria, Virginia

“When I tell other people about this, I say: you don’t even have to know how to do web design, everything is provided for you - you can use the presentations, you can use all of the step-by-step trainings, and all you have to do as a teacher is facilitate”

Digital Media Educator

"I’ve been on the search to provide our students with a digital platform that would meet all of their needs… and this just seemed like the perfect fit."

Armijo High School Multimedia Academy Teacher Virtual Enterprise Fairfield, CA

Black and Intact - link to website
Biking in Irvine - link to website
ballet: a history - link to website
 3D Modeling &  Game Development Club - link to website
Girl And The Moon - link to website
All about the Ocean  link to website
 Return to Roots  link to website
Sweet Tooth  linke to website
k-pop  SEVENTEEN - link to websit


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Who is Wix Tomorrow Classroom for?

The Tomorrow Classroom platform is intended for educators teaching website creation, design, and development to students ages 13+ in the U.S., Canada, or the UK.

Who is eligible to use Wix Tomorrow Classroom?

Educators teaching at schools or learning environments in the U.S., Canada, or UK can use Wix Tomorrow Classroom with students ages 13+. Educators and students must have access to computers (rather than tablets) to use the platform.

Are there any prerequisites?

No prior knowledge is assumed. The courses in Tomorrow Classroom are designed so that anyone can teach and learn website creation with Wix.

What topics are covered in the courses?

Wix Tomorrow Classroom offers four courses: Intro to Wix and the Web, Web Creation, Web Design, and Web Development. In the first course, Intro to Wix and the Web, students learn how to build simple sites, personalize images, text, layout, and more. In Web Creation, students will explore User Experience processes like research, website structure planning, content creation, and testing. With the Web Design course, students will explore topics like color theory, typography, layout, branding and inclusive design. In Web Development, students learn how to take their websites to the next level with Velo, Wix’s JavaScript-based coding platform.

What do the courses cost?

Nothing. Wix Tomorrow Classroom is free.

What are the technical requirements for students?

Students and educators will need access to:

  • A computer (not a mobile device or tablet) with an updated Chrome browser which can be downloaded here.

  • An internet connection.

How do I sign up?

First, make sure you are eligible to participate. Then, create your account and fill some additional details about you and your school. That's it - you're ready to create your first class.

Is Wix Tomorrow Classroom aligned with FERPA regulations?

Yes. We take the privacy of your students seriously and that’s why we have made sure that the Wix Tomrrow Classroom platform and curriculum meet FERPA regulations.

Additionally, all student work can be moderated by the teacher, and students will be working with a specialized version of the Wix Editor, which helps keep them safe.

Which standards are covered by the curriculum?

The Wix Tomorrow Classroom curriculum is aligned with ISTE standards for students and has been awarded the ISTE Seal of Alignment. The Web Development curriculum is also aligned with CSTA and CSforAll standards.

Where can I read and learn more about the platform?

Visit our help center for more information. For specific questions and troubleshoots, feel free to contact us.


Tomorrow Classroom is a free platform and suite of learning resources tailor-made for classroom educators teaching students (ages 13-18) to nurture students’ design and coding skills, be creative, and make ideas come to life.

Our free lesson plans, activities, templates, and classroom management solutions are designed to give you and your students everything you need to dive into the world of web creation, design, and coding to create portfolio websites, capstone projects, passion projects, and everything in between.

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