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  • Can I use my existing Wix account?
    Yes, you can use an existing account to sign up for Wix Education. However, when you log into (rather than, you’ll see your students’ sites listed in your sites. For this reason, we recommend using a different email address to sign up for Wix Education if you already have a account.
  • Can I invite co-teachers to my class?
    Yes. Click on your profile at the top right, and choose Co -Teachers to invite and mange other teachers in your account.
  • Which standards are covered by the curriculum?
    The curriculum is in line with ISTE standards for students and has been awarded the ISTE Seal of Alignment. The Web Development curriculum is also aligned with CSTA and CSforAll standards.
  • How can a student join my class?
    To add students to your class, go to the class dashboard and click + Add Students. Add their emails and click Add. Invited students can create their account by clicking I'm a Student in the homepage, or go directly to Students will also get a personalized email which will direct them to the account creation page. When they click the button, they’ll have to either use their email address and choose a password, or use Google login to create their account. * The email address they sign up with has to be the same email they were invited with.
  • Can a student use an existing Wix account?
    No. Students have to sign up using the exact email address they were invited with, and this cannot be an existing Wix account. If your students already have a Wix account, they would have to open a new email account and register with it.
  • What if a student didn’t get the invite email?
    In the class dashboard, you can see a list of all the students you added - If the student you invited has an Invited status, they can go on to create their account without the email (Click I'm a Student and enter their email address). If the invite is expired, or there was an error in adding the student - you can click re-invite in your student list to invite them again.
  • What is different about a student account?
    Student accounts are nested under the teacher account, and as such teachers will have control and visibility over the student’s accounts. Student accounts cannot access, but only Wix Education. If you delete a student from your class, they will no longer be able to sign in to the system. * A student can only be a part of one class.
  • Is the platform aligned with FERPA regulations?
    Yes. We take the privacy of your students seriously and that’s why we have made sure that our education platform and curriculum meet FERPA regulations. Additionally, all student work can be moderated by the teacher, and students will be working with a specialized version of the Wix Editor, which helps keep them safe by blocking access to risky parts of the editor.
  • What are the Technical Requirements for students?
    Students and teachers will need access to: A Computer (not a mobile device) with an updated Chrome browser which can be downloaded here. An internet connection.
  • Can I use Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams to set up my classes?
    Yes, we are compatible with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. You can import your class rosters directly from Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams to Wix Education and assign Wix Education activities directly to your Classrooms. Students can also directly submit their sites to you in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. We will be increasing compatibility with other platforms in the future.
  • Can I use my school LMS system to set up my classes?
    Not yet, but we are working on it. Please reach out and let us know which systems you’re using, so we’ll hopefully be able to support them in the future.
  • Can I delete a student from my class?
    Yes. If the student didn’t accept the invite yet - click Manage in the student list, and click Delete. This will make the invite invalid, so even if the student then tries to accept it will fail. If your student already enrolled, go to Manage in the student list, and click Ask To: Delete Student's Profile to send us an email with a delete request, to be completed in accordance with applicable law.
  • Can I move a student to another class?
    Yes, but only if you own that other class. To move a student between your classes go to your class list, click Manage next to the student's email and pick Move to Another Class. Choose Which class to transfer the student to.
  • Where do I see student projects?
    You can see any site that students created and saved in your class dashboard, under Class Sites. You can always click Edit Site, view what the students created, and even make changes to the website as needed. If the site was published to the web, you’ll see a small link icon next to it, and you’ll be able to view the live site as well.
  • How do I unpublish a student site?
    When students publish their site, it becomes openly accessible via a URL to anyone on the web. A teacher or a student may unpublish their site: Find the relevant site in the Class Sites tab of the class dashboard. Check if a site is published: published sites have a small link icon, and when you hover over it, the option to View Site is enabled. Click Quick Actions, and choose Unpublish Site * Notice that a student can re-publish their site after you unpublish it. You can delete the site to prevent it.
  • How do I delete a student site?
    Find the relevant site in the Class Sites tab of the class dashboard. Click Quick Actions, and choose Delete Site. The site has been removed from your Class Sites, and also from the student’s My Sites view. * A deleted project cannot be retrieved, so use this option with care! ** For full, GDPA complaint delete, contact us at


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