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Web Design

Take inspiration from Wix’s professional design practices and cutting-edge theories to explore visual design elements like color, typography, composition, animation, and branding to create stunning and personally-meaningful websites that show off students’ ideas in compelling ways.

Web Design



Design is Everywhere

Students will examine the design of their everyday worlds and start examining what design is, how it can be used, and how they can see themselves as designers and creators.


Inspiration & Mood Boards

In this lesson, students will explore the process of gathering inspiration and visual research for their designs and will create mood boards to capture and express their ideas.



Students will explore how color can help communicate and enhance design, and learn how designers use different tools to pick their color choices.



In this lesson, students will be exploring another visual element of their websites: fonts! Like colors, fonts (and the rules of typography) are used to help convey the messages, moods, and ideas of a website.


Layout & Composition

In this lesson, you’ll start getting familiar with the idea of layouts — the way information is organized and structured on a page.


Layout & Alignment

In this lesson, students explore how to use alignment to compose their layouts. This lesson builds on the previous lesson, so that students can add alignment to their toolkit.



Students will combine what they’ve explored with layouts to create wireframes either for their design projects or to practice more with sample content.


Project Planning (Optional)

This class is a little different — it’s a chance for students to start using the tools they’ve played with to begin designing their websites. You can modify or remix this lesson depending on your needs.


Branding & Identity

In this lesson, students will begin exploring the idea of branding, the process of creating a visual identity connected to their website. This lesson is a chance for students to synthesize their ideas on their designs.



In this lesson, students will learn about different ways to make their websites interactive, starting with the activity first.


Inclusive Design

In this lesson, students will explore the idea of inclusive design, and will learn techniques to make their sites accessible as part being inclusive designers.


Design Your Stunning Website

This is a multi-class activity where students will be synthesizing what they’ve learned to design their own final project websites.

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