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Web Creation

What are the building blocks of a website? This course focuses on user experience design, and how this practice is used how to plan, design, and create websites while thinking deeply about the purposes and people they serve. Students will explore the practices, tools, and mindsets needed to design for equity, inclusion, and social impact.

Web Creation



Intro to Web Creation

Your students will be first stepping back to better understand what websites are and how they work before moving forward with website creation.


What is the Web Creation Process?

Students will learn about the Web Creation process to create websites that are built both for and with site visitors, and choose their final project topics.


Creating Personas

Students will explore the idea of using personas to visualize their potential site visitors and will create personas of their own with the Wix Editor.


Research & Idea Framing

In this lesson, students will use a Website Planning Doc to conduct research and think deeply about the experience people will have on their website.


Website Structure & Navigation

Students will start to create their site’s organization, focusing on the content first, and learning about menus and navigation in Wix.


Website Content & Planning

In this lesson, students will be learning a bit more about website structure, then will be continuing their sitemap building process from the previous lesson, and will start working on their sites.


Page Structure & Wireframes

In this lesson, students will dive into the content of their site to learn about how to display information through different layouts and flow techniques, and will create wireframes for their projects.


Writing Content for the Web

Students will tap into their writing skills to think critically about the kinds of messages they send when they write copy (text). They’ll learn about techniques for writing, and will explore connections between storytelling and content.


UX Best Practices for the Web

Continuing the idea of focusing on smaller details, students will explore how UX best practices and intuitive design can make a big impact on how users navigate, understand, and engage with websites.


Your Site is not a Poster

This lesson focuses on interactivity and animation to illustrate the power of using websites as a creative medium.



In this lesson, students will explore the idea of inclusive design, and will learn techniques to make their sites accessible as part being inclusive designers.


Working on Projects (Optional)

This class is another opportunity for students to pause and incorporate what they’ve been learning into their projects. You can modify or remix this lesson depending on your needs.


Test & Iterate

Students will step back from designing to try out their ideas with their feedback groups (or partners) to reinforce the idea of web creation as a collaborative process.


Working on Final Projects

This lesson is meant to be a guide for you to use as you figure out what makes the most sense for your timeline as students work on final projects.

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