Let’s support the people of Ukraine, together

We, at Wix, condemn the war in Ukraine.

Join us with some meaningful ways to help.


Show your support with a badge or an icon

We designed badges and icons in our media library for you to easily add to your site to show support. You can also link it to any donation website or organization of your choice.

Add from the Editor: Click the + on the left side panel > Go to "Decorative" > Choose "Featured" under “Vector Art” > Scroll and click on "All Vector Art"

Graphic containing messages of support for Ukraine, a heart and an open palm.

* Please note that the badges are not available on ADI sites.

Contribute to the cause

Donate to organizations that support the safety, mental, physical and all-round well being of the people in Ukraine.

Image of a Ukrainian soldier in uniform taken from the side.
Image of a building that has been destroyed with a fireman in the background and shoes in.
Emergency responders wearing Red Cross uniforms give assistance to people who are suffering in Ukraine, with one person being carried on a stretcher.
Group 1_2x 1.jpg
Image of protestors holding signs with messages of support for Ukraine.
Image containing four smaller images of: a man in front of a snow-covered mountain, Ukrainian books, wounded war veterans using athletic equipment and a film playing on a cinema screen.
Group 2_2x 1.jpg

Collectively, we can make an impact.