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Everything You Need to Know

Wix and CreativeMornings want to help you share your creativity with the world. Get your art printed and ready to sell in a stunning online store created just for you. Read this quick FAQ for answers to all your questions.

What is


Wix empowers over 90 million people around the world, giving them the freedom to create their own stunning website and professional online presence. With hundreds of designer-made templates and easy drag and drop, you can create the website you’ve always wanted. Explore new ideas, showcase your talent or kickstart your business online. The possibilities are endless. Create yours today.

What is CreativeMornings?


CreativeMornings is a free breakfast lecture series with over 200,000 members worldwide. Each month, CreativeMornings celebrates a central theme that inspires and connects members of the creative community. Attendees gather for breakfast, a brief talk and build relationships with other talented individuals in open spaces that promote artistic growth.

What is this competition?


Wix and CreativeMornings have teamed up to celebrate our creative community.


Artists are invited to submit an image of an original piece of work. Judges from Wix and CreativeMornings will choose three winners. The winners will get a stunning online store (created on the Wix platform by our pro team) offering cool products printed with the winner’s art entry for sale. We’ll take care of production and delivery for the first 30 products sold and the winner will keep 100% of what they earn. Also, the website will be optimized for search engines like Google and promoted on Wix’s Facebook page.


While Wix covers the first 30 orders operationally (production to delivery), from the date the online store is made public, winners will be solely responsible for any regulatory issues, unique to their country of residence, that are associated with opening and operating an online business. These issues and fees may include but are not limited to filing with their country’s tax authorities, obtaining appropriate business licenses and/or permits, etc. It is each winner’s responsibility to ensure their online business operates within the legal parameters of their country of residence from the date their online store is made public.

What are the submission dates?


December 5th to December 31st.

When will the judges announce the winners?


January 16th, 2017.

Are there any submission fees?

None. Submitting is completely free.


How can I submit my entry?


Choose an original piece of art that you love. Go to the submission page, upload the image of your work, share the story behind your piece and click submit. It’s that easy. Remember, you must be the sole creator and owner of the piece you enter (including all rights to commercialize the art).

You are restricted to one entry only.

What artistic mediums can I submit?


A doodle, sketch, painting, design, photograph, your words. You name it. Any one medium that best showcases your creative talent.

What file formats can I use to upload my entry?


JPG, PNG or GIF files only. We recommend uploading image files in a 4:3 ratio and no larger than 25MB.

Will all submissions be accepted?


Not all submissions are accepted. For eligibility requirements, refer to the Contest Rules.

How many entries can I submit?


You may submit one entry only. Additionally, you must be the sole creator of the artwork.

How will I know if my submission was successful?


After successfully submitting your entry, you’ll be directed to a “Thanks for Submitting” page. From this page, you can instantly share your participation in the competition with your Facebook and Twitter followers. In 24 hours, your entry and the story behind it will be made public and featured in our Submission Gallery.

I don’t have a Wix website. Can I still be a part of this competition?


Absolutely! And while we’re on the topic, you can create your own stunning website to showcase your art online. Start yours today with Wix. It’s easy and free!

I am not part of the CreativeMornings community, and/or have never attended one of their events. Can I still be a part of this competition?

Absolutely! Either way, you should definitely check them out. CreativeMornings is active in 157 cities worldwide and counting. If you don’t see your city listed, you’re even encouraged to start your own chapter and build a local community of like-minded creative individuals.

If I win, will I have input on how my online store will look and will I be able to make changes?

Once winners are selected, Wix designers will build each online store with the Wix platform. We’ll contact winners for a high resolution image of their art, any branding materials (such as a logo, if available) and limited input on the look and feel for the website.


When the online store is officially transferred over to the winner, winners will have complete freedom to customize their stunning online store.

If I win, what types of products will be sold in my online store? When will my online store be ready for people to view and make purchases?

Our talented winners will have their art printed on items such as cell phone cases, pillows, tote bags, hats, mugs, wall art, t-shirts, socks and other apparel. The online stores of the three winners will be made public on or before January 16th, 2017 and anyone can make purchases from this date.


Wix will cover the initial costs for building and operating the winning online stores on the Wix platform, but winners will be responsible for any taxes or regulatory issues related to the sale of products.

What happens after I sell my first 30 items? How long will my online store be available for people to make purchases?

After winners sell their first 30 products or after a three month period from the opening of their online store (whichever occurs first), Wix will transfer ownership of the online stores to the winners. Once this transfer has occurred, winners will be solely responsible for maintaining their online stores and paying any applicable fees associated with their Premium account (if they choose to keep their online stores active). Before transferring ownership, Wix will follow-up with the winners on how to maintain their newly created online stores and continue production of items with our white label company (if interested).

Will Wix help me promote my online store?

You bet! Each winner’s online store comes optimized for search engines like Google. Plus we’ll even share it on our Facebook account, reaching over three million followers.

30 days

Get Your Talent Seen by the World

Submit by December 31, 2016.

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