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6 ways to optimize the consumer journey on your client websites

Updated: Jan 27

The contact form and chat box of a Fashion website

It’s important to understand how people engage with your client websites. By mapping out their consumers’ journey you can understand important touch points and optimize their site performance.

What is the customer journey?

The customer journey is the path a consumer takes from the moment they interact with a brand until they complete a purchase.

To keep track of your client’s customer journey, start by developing journey maps, so you can help your clients deliver a streamlined experience across all channels. Hopefully, you’ll improve their customer loyalty and convert more leads.

Here are 6 ways to create better consumer journeys on your client websites.

1. Start with the right foundation

2. Build personas from actionable insights

3. Use touchpoints to group like behaviors

4. Connect with customers where they are

5. Automate consumer interactions

6. Focus on the outcome

1. Start with the right foundation

The inherent challenge is making each consumer journey seamless across multiple channels, on search engines, social platforms, their website and over the phone. When all customer touch points and even the micro-moments of decision-making are fragmented, the customer experience is inconsistent and revenue opportunities are lost. By using a website structure based on omnichannel capabilities, you integrate all digital channels and voice into a single record and view of each customer, making it easier to engage with customers in real-time. Your clients can capture context, history and intent and use this to develop more personalized experiences and more targeted marketing campaigns.

2. Build personas from actionable insights

The amount of data captured from all customer touch points can feel chaotic and overwhelming. Yet this data is gold. It’s your primary source of insight and visibility into what customers want and need. From this data, you can build journey maps that give you a ho