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Get more website traffic by advertising
to a targeted audience

Define an advertising campaign in 3 simple steps
Advertise your business on relevant websites
Expose your site to potential customers all around the web

List your site in online directories
and make it easier for customers to find you

Boost your traffic and SEO
Get found on search engines, mobile apps and social networks
Appear in directories like DMOZ, ScrubTheWeb and SubmitBiz
Get more business from a global audience
Make a professional first impression

Get a US or UK number forwarded to your
existing phone line almost anywhere in the world

Toll-free US line makes it convenient for people to reach you
Get paid faster
Track payments easily
Invoice directly from your Wix site

Create and send digital invoices quickly,
safely and easily

Explore all Business Management Apps now!

In My Account,
click ‘Add Business Apps’
Find the App you need
Click ‘Add App’
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