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Shape up Your Videos

Get started with a free video from the Wix Media Gallery, or upload your own. Then choose from a collection of preset masks to cut out your video into a unique shape.

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Make Your Own Mask

Go bolder with a selection of over 6,000 shapes and vector art illustrations. Stretch your creativity and upload your own SVG file for a one-of-a-kind video mask.

Video Mask flip and rotation

Flip It & Rotate It

Reimagine the way you present media on your website. Duplicate, layer, flip and rotate your videos. Push your creativity. 

You’ve Got the Power

Layer Your Look

Explore a rich selection of over 60 video overlays. Add a patterned overlay to videos and create a custom look and feel for your website.

 Video Mask pattern overlay settings
 Video Mask pattern overlay settings
Video Mask animation settings
Video Mask animation settings

Put It in Motion

Discover over a dozen animation effects to give your videos added movement. Set the duration, delay time and more for an engaging experience.

Play It Your Way

Choose how your video plays—automatically, on click or on hover. Let it loop, play in slow mo and more. You’re in the director’s chair, call the shots.

Video Mask behavior settings
Video Mask behavior settings

It’s hip

to be 






Go to your Wix site on desktop to add and play around with Video Mask.

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