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We’re passionate about giving students the tools, skills and resources they need to succeed—both at school and in their careers.

Since 2015, we’ve been partnering with schools and universities all over the United States. We understand that no two schools are exactly alike, and we love collaborating with educators to develop the right solution, based on the subject and audience. All of our educational partnerships are available for free.

Bring Wix to Your Campus

Educational Partnership with Wix


Organize Presentations & Hands-On Workshops Led by the Wix Team

Schedule a talk for any major, course or audience. See how a website can help you achieve your students’ goals. We’ll cover the importance of an online presence, how to plan a website, use the Wix platform, explore design features, and learn about advanced digital marketing like SEO and email marketing.

Offer Students One-on-One Sessions with Wix Professionals

Get students ready for their careers. Whether they’re applying for jobs or looking to turn a passion project into a business, a website can help them stand out among the competition. Organize one-on-one sessions with Wix professionals to help your students finalize their portfolios and websites or start creating them.


Integrate Wix Into Your Educational Programs

Get access to a syllabus, lesson plans and materials for a variety of courses. As more industries move online, it’s important to teach the online aspects of the business. We can provide materials for topics where a website, online presence or digital marketing is essential.

See What Our Educational Partners Say

“Using Wix in the classroom ensures that students graduate with the digital skills they need for both obtaining a job and preparing them for their future careers. If you’re looking for a website builder to use in the classroom, I would strongly recommend using Wix. Due to the drag and drop functions and the professional ready-to-use templates, it’s very easy for learners to navigate and plug in their content.“

- Dr. Nancy Richmond,

Professor and Digital Media Expert
Florida International University

“We have transformed the manner in which we teach Internet Retailing by using Wix. Students learn how to design an e-commerce site and to launch their businesses during a semester course. The integration of Wix into our courses enables faculty to remain timely, relevant, and interesting. I couldn’t imagine teaching Internet Retailing, or other courses that involve Internet-based solutions, without Wix.“

- Dr. Mark S. Rosenbaum,

Professor and Department Chair, Department of Retailing
University of South Carolina

“Wix has provided an accessible, easy to learn and affordable career tool that our students and alumni can use as they develop their careers. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, Wix is an active partner on our campus, and together we have had the opportunity to get in front of thousands of students to publicize the Wix platform and our services subsequently, increasing student traffic in our office.“

- Melissa Levine,

Associate Dean,

Career Strategy and Services

Berklee College of Music

We’d Love to Partner with You

Have a great idea for a partnership that we didn’t mention? Feel free to get in touch.

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