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Celebrating Writers: Our 2nd Annual Words Matter Event

Wix words matter annual event

On Wednesday, July 10th, the Wix Writers’ Guild hosted more than 200 writers on the Wix rooftop at the second annual Words Matter event that celebrates professional writers in tech.

It was an unforgettable evening of networking, talking shop, food, cocktails and fun. Writers came from all over Israel including UX, marketing, knowledge base, blogging and technical professionals. The event was kicked off with a few words from Nora Ginio, head of the Wix Writers’ Guild. We also heard from David Schwartz, Wix’s VP Product, about the power of words and the importance of being close to users.

Then, it was time for the games to begin! As the sun set, writers got competitive with some exciting rounds of Boggle followed by a fun game of trivia.

playing boggle at wix words matter party

Arden Rubens Wix UX Writer

Arden Rubens, UX Writer at Wix

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