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Spotlight on UX: An Evening for UX Writers

ux writing workshop | Wix content writers

UX writing is an emerging field, but we’ve been honing it for a while here at Wix. We have a team of 29 UX writers who work together with product managers, developers and designers to create the text that our users interact with on and all its products.

Other companies are quickly starting to realize the need for dedicated UX writers. It has become all too clear that getting the words just right can make all the difference in explaining a product, converting visitors and maintaining long-term customers.

A Night Dedicated to UX Writing

Last week, as part of our Words Matter lecture series, we hosted a free workshop about UX writing. We explained how—and why—our writers are part of the planning and development process for every product we release, and offered the 100+ attendees an inside look at how we do UX.

learning UX writing | Wix UX Writers event

Three of our top UX writers, Kester Thompson, Rina Abadi and Abi Yitshaki, led workshops where participants worked in small groups to create their own texts and wireframes.

Topics included:

  • How to Write Text for Wireframes

  • Empty States

  • Writing for Mobile

We were also joined by guest speaker Yuval Keshtcher, creator of the Microcopy & UX Writing group, who gave tips about how to create a killer UX Writing portfolio.

Once the hard work was done, the participants had a chance to mingle and network over dinner and drinks. The feedback was fantastic:

Eyal Korzen, a UX expert from The Spetz, wrote, “The Words Matter UX Writing Workshop was really great! The lectures were super interesting and practical. The evening really emphasized the importance of writing the right text from the beginning of the process, and the lectures gave me excellent tools to how to do it right. I highly recommend participating in these events, and looking forward for the next one!”

Web designer Karen Sokolow, owner of Awaken Studio, also gained some practical, insightful tips. “As a web designer, I regularly guide my clients through the process of creating content for their site. This workshop was incredibly valuable and will help me in the future as I work with clients to create text for their sites. The lectures gave me a much deeper understanding of what makes good content; I learned a lot about how to think about text and what formulas I can use to help make sure the text is spot on.”

Did you miss this workshop?

There are tons more in store! The Wix Writers’ Guild will continue to host writing workshops at locations around the world. Come join us in Vilnius and Paris this spring, or stay tuned to find out when we’ll be in your neighborhood!

By the Wix Writers' Guild

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