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Celebrating Words in Style: The Wix Event for Writers Only

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When we launched this blog back in March of this year, our goal was to create a place where the writers here at Wix could share their experiences, offer tidbits of wisdom about our approach to writing and provide insight into life here at the Wix offices.

But our vision went further: With the blog as our launching pad, we wanted to make a statement about professional writers as a whole. We wanted to underscore that words matter and highlight the role that text plays in global companies in general, and in the online industry, in particular.

From knowledge base and UX writing to tech writing and marketing writing, creating scripts for talent and drafting up copy for the latest landing page, the work of professional writers in tech is dynamic, varied and fundamental to the mission of our companies. From process to product, writers (and the words they choose) are part of it all.

Let’s celebrate words!

The blog is live and we’re excited to see that its audience is growing each day. But this blog is only the first step. In our mission to show the power of words, we have lots more in store: We’re planning workshops, events, speakers and conferences, and we’re kicking it off with an event for our fellow wordsmiths here at Wix. Like our blog, the evening will be dedicated to professional writers in the online industry.

Words Matter! We believe. And we’ll be shouting it from the rooftop of Wix on Wednesday, July 11.

Join us on July 11!

So, if you happen to be in Tel Aviv on July 11th, please join us at the Wix offices. Come to network, eat, drink and have fun with writers from every industry, working in any language — plus hear from Wix President and COO, Nir Zohar. There are a few spots still available and we’d love to see you there! RSVP here >>

If you won’t be in this corner of the world, no need to fret. In our humble quest to achieve world domination through great text, there are great things to come. Stay tuned and stay with us, for there will be many more events, workshops, conferences and – of course – great writing. This is just the beginning.

Rachel Olstein Kaplan

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