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Fully Customize Your Booking

Experience with Velo APIs

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Design Your Service Listings the Way You Want

Expose your service listings and staff schedules to Velo’s built-in database and display the info you want on your site. Use repeating layouts, build dynamic pages and add interactive elements to create a unique booking experience for your clients.

Maximize the Functionality of Your Business Website

Enhance the functionality of your booking site with dedicated Velo APIs. Fully customize your service listings, timetables, booking confirmation messages and more.


getServiceAvailability API

Instantly fetch open time slots and staff member availability from your booking calendar. 


checkOut API

Take control of your payment flow. Let clients quickly book and pay for your services.

To start using Velo:

Go to the Wix Editor > Velo > Enable Velo

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Discover New Possibilities for Your Wix Bookings Site

Create Your Own Timetable

Let clients view your schedule of upcoming classes or services and book a time that works for them. Show confirmation messages with your own personal touch.

Fully Customize Service Pages

Take full control of the look, feel and functionality of your service pages. Let clients book services, purchase recommended products and more.

Add Filters and Availability to Service Lists

Make it easy for clients to find and book your services. Add filtering options and display your next available time slots.

Offer Fast Checkout and Manage Appointments

Simplify your client’s booking experience with a quick-booking form. Then view, manage and approve pending requests from your admin panel.

To start using Velo:

Go to the Wix Editor > Velo > Enable Velo

Hire a Wix Expert for Your Bookings Site

Hire a developer to build or add functionality to your business website. Choose from 100s of talented Wix Experts and submit your request today.

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Get More Power & Flexibility for Your Bookings Site with Velo

To start using Velo:

Go to the Wix Editor > Velo > Enable Velo

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